Temperature Blanket 2022 – Month 2

Every night while knitting my stripe for the day on my temperature blanket I think, “I should blog about this so I can look back and see the progress later.”

Every night.

I’ve been knitting a row on this blanket every night for the last 56 57 days and I’ve yet to take 20 minutes to sit down and hammer out a starting blog post about it.

Today Yesterday that changes.

I think. There’s a good chance that I’ll walk away from this at some point and forget it about it. Lets see how it goes. (I walked away and forgot about it. It’s the next day.)

No promises. (Thank goodness.)

One of the things I noticed about most temperature blanket crafters is that they live in areas with a wide range of temperatures throughout the year but I live in California where there isn’t really a huge range. We average between 50 and 100 degrees annually with very few days colder than that. So while most crafters use 10 degree increments, I decided to go with 4 – 5 degree increments. Simple right?

HAHAHAHA No. I can screw pretty much anything up. Add numbers and the odds for screw up increase.

I thought right away it would make the most sense to keep colors in the 10 degree range but break them up into light and dark within that 10 degree range. So like green from 70 – 79 but light green from 71 – 75 then dark green from 76 – 80. That way it would be really easy to identify temperature ranges.

temperature range

But then I was going back and forth on putting them in ROYGBV order or colors that would better match the temps. Like blue for the coldest temps then reds for the warmest temps. I ultimately decided on the latter and plugged them into my spreadsheet. But then added a 35-40 line because historically every few years there is a cold snap in our town. Without really paying attention, that threw off my rounded color range. Now I can’t just easily think, “Oh, yellows are 60’s range!” Yellows now run from 56 – 65. I hate it.

Next, I had to choose what pattern I wanted to use. I went back and forth on this because the pattern I wanted would require two rows per day to really be able to see all the colors from each side of the blanket which would lead to a BIG blanket. After swatching a few different patterns to get some swatches that would work with single rows, I decided on day one, very last minute, to use neither and went with the original pattern (Double Seed Stitch) that will require two rows per day.

On December 31st 2022 we will have a blanket that will reach all the way across all four seats of our couch. It will be a family sized blanket. Here it is on Day 57 of 365:

By day 365 she’ll be 153.5 inches long. My entire body is 64 inches long. I can double her up in 2023 and stay nice and warm under 2 layers of blanket. I can’t fucking wait.

Here is a nice beauty shot of her and then I’m done.

I blogged.

Please hand over my gold star.