YAY!! My daddy is coming. He will be here the next weekend so basically next weekend is pretty much going to freaking rock! E3 Friday then my dad Saturday and Sunday. 🙂

I’m excited. 🙂

Hello, my name is Anna Stacy. And I am an American Idoloholic.

I didn’t watch this at all the first time around. Then I was at Gene’s house one night and I watched it and now I’m totally sucked in. I want Clay or Rubin to win.

Josh should not even still be there. He is not consistant at all and he should have been voted off a long time ago. Kimberly is VERY good. I just don’t think that she has the charisma that Clay and Rubin do. I think it will go.. Josh tonight… Kimberly next time… then I don’t know between Clay and Rubin.

So I guess we can look back at this in two weeks and see how right I was. 🙂

Okay, sometimes I get a little scared at who is on the other end of the web…

  • What was this guy thinking? Watch the video. It takes awhile to download but it is worth it.
  • What about this kid? He is now like an internet superstar. I’ve seen remakes of this video that have him fighting to techno, have an actual light-sabre, it goes on and on and on.

Well, the interview at the temp place went well. Took all of the tests (Excel, Word..) and did well on all. 🙂

Hopefully I’ll hear something soon.

Rain, rain go away…

I can’t stand being stuck inside. UGH. But in a good note, Cassidy and I had fun today… make cookies, painted her nails, played dress up, played with the Barbi’s, she got to play with Brooklynn while I watched her for Chris for awhile. So, it wasn’t all bad. I’d have just liked it a little better if we had gotten some time to go to the park or something.

So, I’m not working at Elite anymore. Kynan was an awsome boss but things just didn’t work out. So, I have an interview tomorrw at 10am at a temp agency here in town that also has an office in San Jose. So I figured I’d get my foot in the door here and when I make the move this summer, I’ll already have contacts and somebody looking for me. They do temp, temp to hire, and look for full time positions.

I’ve been playng around a lot with php stuff lately. I’ve been bored at night and learning about all this is kinda fun. 🙂 So, I have a phpnuke set up that is REALLY rough right now. I’ll be working on it in the near future to get it looking pretty and live as my main page hopefully sometime soon. I just don’t know what I want to do with it right now so it’s kinda sitting there idle. If you want to watch the progress click HERE.

I also set up a forum so that if you have any comments about what I’ve been posting and whatnot, you have a place to do it HERE I told you I was bored!! 😉