I’m not going to post the micro-eggplant. You’re welcome, internet.

I was going to show you a really dumb interaction I had with a spam texter today but my site was temporarily dropped earlier this week from Adsense for “violence”, or something dumb like that, and now I’m worried it will get me dropped completely and I really want that $0.83 per month in ad revenue, man.

“She” basically tried to get me to buy n00ds while I explained that if we met it would 100% be to see if I could actually get away with the perfect murder after listening to hundreds of hours of true crime podcasts.

And she seemed really into it actually. Except she was wearing Meowth socks while squatting naked in front of me and there is just no way I’m taking that kind of chance.

After that she stopped responding. So what I’m saying is, applications are open!

I’m going to continue the trend of leaving a TikTok I think you need to watch at the end of my post. I have a lot to choose from this week because I just recovered from a stomach flu and MANY, MANY, MANY hours were spent sitting and scrolling, if you know what I mean.

Poop, I mean SO MUCH POOP.

You’re welcome.