I am embarrassed by the level of sticker crazy I have gone with my Erin Condrin LifePlanner. I had a small and more simple planner from a Kickstarter last year and I really liked it but I had a gift certificate for Erin Condren and I did like the colorful planner so I got it for this year. I love it! It’s laid out really well and is similar to how I was already using the smaller planner.

But then I made the mistake of googling some ideas for using the planner and I found… THE STICKERS. So right off the bat I bought this super girly sticker spread for January and once I got it I was IMMEDIATELY hooked.

I am so embarrassed of this planner obsession.

After that I got a little sticker crazy on Etsy but they are pretty cheap! So I set a budget then got super sad when I hit it. Below is my first week in January which I really love. Some girls are SUPER sticker crazy and literally fill the entire week with stickers but I’m more of a “white space planner” (I’ve had to learn the sticker lingo) because I do NOT like clutter and I need white space in my life, okay.

I am so embarrassed of this planner obsession.

So once I hit my budget I started reading how to make this cheaper and a lot of girls mentioned buying printable stickers off Etsy and printing them on sticker paper myself so that’s exactly what I did. AND! I used credit card points so I got this printer FOR FREE. And the ink FOR FREE. So now I can buy JPEGs like the one for these watercolor To Do List stickers for $1.75! BAM! Cheap sticker to make my week PRETTY!

I am so embarrassed of this planner obsession.

I know, I kind of hate myself right now too. But planning is something that my counselor recommended to me about two years ago and it has helped IMMENSELY to keep my anxiety more under control. I am the kind of person that automatically jumps to the END GAME WORST CASE SCENARIO and it’s really helped me to be able to write down a goal, list out the steps to get there then cross them off along the way. I’m a more pleasant person to be around and that’s awesome for a whole lot of people.

And it helps my obsessive organizational tendency. The same part of my brain that needs my cans to line up and my clothes to be hung in color order REALLY LOVES that I can look at this and see orange for Cassidy’s schedule, dark green for work, light green for bills, pink for personal stuff, blue for Ben, etc.

I’ve also become an insane budgeter since Ben and I split finances (this has been SUCH a positive more for Ben and I and I totally plan on blogging about it SOON) and this has reigned in my need to obsessively check all my financial accounts online.

Okay, I’m done now. I can’t promise that this will be my last planner post but I DO PROMISE you that I hate me more than you do right now.



  1. I went sticker crazy with my ECLP last year. I actually have a Silhouette Cameo and a good amount of matte and glossy sticker paper. I made seasonal sets, fun little decorative ones, functional stickers, sidebar checklists… it was a whole Thing. (If you want any stickers made, just let me know! I have the software to design them and can print/ship for cheap.)

    This year, I’m using a personal-sized FIlofax with some inserts I got from Etsy. My life isn’t busy enough to fill an ECLP, so I found myself trying too hard to decorate. It’s been fun so far and it’s much more manageable as far as size.

    I’m so excited you got into planning! It’s lots of fun and an absolutely great way to organize your life and your thoughts.

    I’ll also be interested to hear more about the budgeting thing. We actually joined our budgets about a year and a half ago with the intent to make more headway on debts. I have thoughts and feelings on it but I won’t get into it here. It’s always interesting to me to hear how others are doing it and how/why it works for them! You never know, you might learn something! 😀

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