WIRtW: 0007 The Spoiler Alert Clause.

When I Rule the World if you spoil any TV show or movie within 7 days of the first airing of said media you will be subjected to the appropriate punishment.

This is particularly important as STAR WARS OMG is coming out this week. Ben and I have tickets for opening night so no spoilers for us! If you are not quite as hardcore as us? This rule is for you.

Appropriate punishment for spoiling a movie is watching an excruciatingly annoying video for the length of said movie turned up to 11. If you look away more than once your eyeballs will be superglued open. Choice of video goes to the person you RUINED THE GODDAMN MOVIE for.

Here! Let me suggest a few!


Probably the worst music video ever. by gaylottery

You can see all my rules here.

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