Not at all Wordless Wednesday

Quiet Wednesday night. Ben isn’t home yet, Cassidy is at practice and the dogs are finally tired after I took them on a 1.6 mile run. So I’m sitting at the table eating dinner (spaghetti squash with chicken and spicy marinara sauce) while watching Grey’s Anatomy and planning tomorrow.

I can’t make all of these exciting, people. This is the first time I’ve been able to sit down since I got off work and I’m once again typing this out from my phone.

NaBloPoMo is a demanding little bitch. I have to say though that it feels GOOD to be here every day again. Inspiring. I missed it.

And now I’m off to cross more items off the list. Trying to get my house at least half way put together before my dad and step-mom get here Friday. Months of home improvement projects have it looking the opposite of inviting. We still don’t have couches! But we have weekend company coming! I’m not letting it stress me though because I’m just so very excited to have them here for the weekend. Couches don’t matter.

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