Chester Copperpot

Boozle Filbert Greeleaf Hirsch the 1st

Did I ever tell you about Boozle Filbert Greenleaf Hirsch the 1st? I don’t think that I did. Not here anyway.

So I won a plant at our monthly all hands meeting at work and because I have to name EVER LIVING THING at work, I asked the internet for the best names for him. One name just didn’t seem like enough for such a majestic creature so I finally decided on Boozle Filbert Greenleaf Hirsch the 1st. And yes, I call him by his full name when we talk about him at work.

Coworker: Do you need me to water your plant while you’re gone?
Me: No, I gave Boozle Filbert Greenleaf Hirsch the 1st enough water to last till I get back.

I named the squirrel that always hangs around our window Toby. And the turtle that likes to sun himself on the rock in the pond is Tank. My coworkers have even adopted my neurotic tendencies and call these animals by name now when they give me updates.

Coworker: I saw Tank sunning himself today!

I like to think that they find it endearing. Ben, on the other hand, apparently finds it pretty annoying because I brought a new plant home tonight and realized when I went to plant it that he had moved the potting soul. Actually, he didn’t MOVE it, he THREW IT AWAY. Because he hated Chester Copperpot BEFORE HE EVEN MET HIM. I called him to find out where the soil was…

Me: Where did you put the potting soil?
Ben: I threw it away because it was old and dried out.
Me: NOOOOOOOO! I bought a new plant for my indoor pot and I need it!
Ben: Oh well! Guess you’ll have to get more!
Me: I named him.
Ben: I don’t need to know the plant’s name.
Me: His name is Chester Copperpot and he is offended.
Ben: Did you need something else? I’m driving.
Me: I’m going to eat breakfast for dinner.

So here is Chester Copperpot (and Kumo in the background who is scared of him… yes, our pitbull mix is scared of the new PLANT.) He is a “money tree” according to the label and I admit I haven’t done a TON of research yet but I assume the cash buds will start sprouting soon.

IMG_2901 copy

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