Downstairs bathroom remodel: The Toto Toilet.

Mandatory Disclaimer: I was in no way compensated for this post. We purchased the product with our own money, we were not asked to review this product, the manufacturer of the product does not even know we exist. I just REALLY like this toilet.

So as all of the internet is well aware, we have been in the middle of a huge downstairs overhaul. At first we were just going to install new tile floors and, like all home improvement projects, it snowballed into LETS DO ALL THE THINGS! I mean, since we’re doing the floor and we have to take out the toilet and sink in the downstairs half bath might as well replace them with new ones since we HATE that builders standard crap anyway, RIGHT!?

Except you can’t just “replace a toilet” when Ben is your husband. There is research, cost comparisons, more research, asking all the parents and in-laws for advice, more research, then shopping around everywhere you can find then you end up with the best toilet ever made in the history of the world.

We ended up getting the TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Toto Toilet and IT. IS. AMAZING! In the spirit of total honesty, our household is hell on toilets. My belly issues are well documented and it looks like Cassidy is starting to inherit them and Ben eats more fiber than most full grown elephants. Clogged toilets are a weekly occurrence around here so we really needed something that would be able to handle our unique bathroom experiences.

I had pretty serious doubts about how well this toilet was going to work but GOOD LORD this toilet is THE TOILET THAT THE HIRSH HOUSHOLD NEEDED. There are entire YouTube videos dedicated to people trying to clog this toilet. It is impossible. It can not happen.

Here she is in all her perfection the day she arrived from Amazon:


Right away the two big differences in the toilet were obvious. The two water ports at the top that create a true whirlpool and clean the toilet with every flush. I’m not even kidding, it has been over a week of heavy use and the toilet looks like it has never been used! The other difference is a huge hole at the bottom across from the outlet hole that pushes water out of it so hard I’m scared it might actually take your hand down the drain if for some weird reason you wanted to stick your hand in the toilet which, gross dude. You need to re-evaluate your life choices.



Let the install begin!


I have quite a bit of experience taking the tank off the back of the toilet and putting it back on because our master bath toilet and I got into a huge fight about a month ago when it would not stop running which required me to take the tank on and off three times before I finally beat it into submission. I had only witnessed a toilet being installed though so that was a new experience for the both of us. After two separate trips to Home Depot we got it done and it was glorious.


And done!


When Ben first told me we were going to spend $375.00 (including the seat) on a toilet I thought he was crazy. Now? I’d spend twice that amount because: WORTH IT. Eventually I’d love to have one of these in the two other bathrooms but that will not happen anytime soon as we have so much more to do first. One of those things is the next step in this bathroom, the vanity! Stay tuned, I know you all can’t wait!

Till then, I’m off to try and clog the Toto!

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