Congrats, Dr. Fisher!

Trying to be better about documenting life so while the dishwasher and washing machine are running I’m going to try and get a weekend recap done without getting too distracted by the Internet. So far I’ve started this post about 17 times then stopped to download a TV show to watch while I blog, then got sucked into a Facebook wormhole which lead me to catching up on other people’s blog posts and now I’m back here to try for the 18th time.

Last week I started to become REALLY ANXIOUS about a trip down south to watch my cousin graduate from Pepperdine with his Doctorate in Education. So much so that I got to the ANXIETY OVERLOAD point where I pretty much just stopped doing anything other than working. I’d get home and start to stress about what time I’d be leaving and if I’d be dressed properly for the weather and what if I get lost and will Cassidy be too tired for school on Monday and… you get the idea.

And all that worrying was POINTLESS. Finally on Friday night I had dinner with Ben and told him how I was feeling and he walked me through each step of the trip from packing to driving and I was able to relax a little.

Then I got home and realized that I had not cleaned the house in a week and it was a MESS so I got anxious all over again because Melanie was going to be dropping the dogs at home for us on Sunday and would SEE MY MESS. But before I could start to stress clean which would have kept me up all night and make me REALLY tired all day on Saturday I took a Xanax and went to bed and messaged Melanie to please not judge my mess. She responded with something along the lines of DON’T BE SILLY WE LOVE YOU IDIOT! 😉

It turned out all my worrying was silly because all my over planning made the trip run more smoothly than I could have imagined, even though my battery died and I forgot our Magic Mountain tickets! Dropped the dogs off at The Dog House Inn at exactly 9:00AM and because I had come in the day before to pre-pay and drop off all the necessities, we were in and out in less than a minute. We even had time to stop by Starbucks before hitting the road and pulled into Pepperdine at EXACTLY 2:00PM as planned.

The graduation ceremony was great. The speakers were actually quite interesting and witty and had some great messages. The best part though was getting to cheer and yell for Jarrett as he received his diploma. So much work goes into getting a Doctorate and he did it all while moving his family across the country and finding out that they are expecting their third little miracle shortly before flying out to defend his dissertation. He’s a pretty amazing guy!

After the graduation his wife Katie had set up a little party on a patio overlooking all of Malibu and the Pacific Ocean on campus. It was such an amazing view and a great visit with all of my family. I absolutely love getting to spend time with them. It’s always belly laughs and good food and great fun.

Here are some of my photos and some from the family from the day.

But first...


At Pepperdine to watch my cousin officially become a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership! Congrats Jarrett!! #DrFisher

Jarrett's graduation

Jarrett's graduation

Jarrett's graduation

Jarrett's graduation

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