This is why I hardly every post blogs.

I’m trying. I WANT to write more. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I think to myself, “I would love to blog that!” But the one thing I need to do it is TIME. When do you people have the TIME to blog several times a week?!

This was my day yesterday:

4:20AM – Wake up, somehow manage to dress myself in matching clothes, pack some food for the day.
5:05AM – Leave for work.
5:55AM – Start working.
2:30PM – Leave work.
3:24PM – Pick Cassidy up from school, head home, change into workout clothes, feed the dogs, leave the house.
3:45PM – Get to automotive place to pick up estimate for Prius shock replacement.
4:15PM – Get to Barnes and Noble to pick up gift exchange item for Cassidy’s colorguard team.
4:45PM – Drop Cassidy back off at school for colorguard practice.
5:00PM – Grocery store.
5:30PM – Leave grocery store and realize that I didn’t buy the one thing I actually went to the grocery store for.
5:45PM – Walk out of the grocery store across the street from the first grocery store with laundry detergent. (Made more sense to turn into that store then flip a U to go back into the other one).
6:00PM – Put groceries away, eat a Gu, start laundry for Ben, gear up for run and start rice in rice cooker.
6:15PM – Start running.
6:50PM – Get back home, stretch, drink recovery drink + Nuun.
7:05PM – Start dinner. Cut up all the fruit for my morning green smoothies. Clean up the dinner making mess a bit.
7:55PM – Head back to school to pick up Cassidy. Her practice runs a bit overtime. Ben gets home while I’m gone.
8:25PM – Arrive home, eat dinner, visit with Cassidy and Ben a bit.
9:30PM – Give up trying to stay awake. Head upstairs, shower, lotion all the things, brush all the teeth, pet all the cats.

Within all that I thought of about 635,314 awesome blog ideas and had time to post 0 of them. I started this one at lunch, worked on it a bit during my afternoon break and am finishing it up only because I skipped the band Booster Meeting tonight to spend time having a girl’s dinner with Cassidy. Ben will be home in about 15 minutes so I better finish up so I have time to make him some food and spend some time with him.

In other words, I need about 8 more hours in my day,

3 thoughts on “This is why I hardly every post blogs.

  1. Sometimes I start them in the notepad app on my phone and use voice recognition if I’m driving or can’t type it out. Then when I have time (which I have more of than you) I clean it up and post an entry. Other times I just make sure to try to write down or list the ideas with anything I think I might forget and write about it months later.

    Your day is too busy for me.

  2. I think it’s easier for people who aren’t working. Or maybe not. I’ve started working part-time from home now that the kids are in school (it makes sense, I swear) and I still can’t seem to find the time to finish the theme for a new blog or write up posts. And I have so many ideas!

  3. My head would explode with your schedule. 😀 I work blogging & extra activities around my course modules — I have one tab open for the module I’m working on, and on a split screen I usually have the Blogger editor up in case inspiration strikes. On my days off schoolwork & volunteering, I tend to start many drafts to pick up on other days off or those hours when I’m in between chores.

    As a mostly-housepartner my days are built around my partner’s schedule pretty much and we don’t have that big a house currently, so chores don’t take up as much time as they used to.

    I also use exercise/walking from place to place time to speak into my phone’s recorder with ideas and thoughts that I can then write down once I get home, in case I come up with something that I feel I could blog about. Sure, people think you’re insane but you can always pretend you’re in a phone call. 😀

    Also, I do the same re: grocery stores. If I forget something from, say, Tesco, I can’t just u-turn. I’d rather head to M&S Food or Iceland for what I forgot.

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