In which I show you pictures of what’s in my butt.

About 73 people told me before my colonoscopy that the prep was the worst part and I could just not wrap my head around the fact that PREP could be worse than having a probe stuck 5 feet up your butt. MAN WAS I WRONG.

The prep is the worst part of a colonoscopy! Quite a few people told me to drink the prep with a straw to “get it past the tongue” but I found that taking a breath out then chugging the 8 ounces was FAR better. Then it’s over in a few seconds and you don’t smell it (which greatly affects taste). I also squeezed some of those water flavoring drops into it which helped some. The prep kicked in about the third 8 ounces. I’d say I was in the bathroom every 15 minutes for about two hour then it slowed down but lasted a total of about 4 hour. The dose the second day was the same but I hated it because I had to get up SO EARLY to take it. Also, I was really starting to fade mentally from the lack of food.

I ate my last full meal late Wednesday night, had nothing to eat Thursday (jello and broth do not count as food!) and then nothing till after the procedure. So I finally ate again Friday at around 4:30PM. I opted for a pretty mild meal of pasta from an Italian place that I love. It’s just angel hair pasta, tomatoes, spinach, olive oil, and garlic. No heavy sauce!

The procedure itself was really nothing. Ben had been trying to convince me for awhile to JUST SLEEP through it but I figured that if I was able to stay awake that I’d want to do that because I really wanted to watch the screen! They gave me one dose of the Feel Really Good and Don’t Care About Anything medication and it worked but I was still pretty awake so the doctor had the nurse give me a second dose. I was still awake but completely in a state of not giving a shit about a single thing. I was able watch him cut out small pieces of my colon to biopsy and absolutely no fucks were given! At one point when turning a corner I could feel the probe and jumped a bit but when the nurse asked me if I wanted more meds I turned it down because it wasn’t really painful, just a REALLY odd feeling.

It was over so fast I was actually a little disappointed because I find that kind of stuff fascinating and how often do you get to see the inside of your body in high rez on a 40″ TV screen?

The good news is that my colon is super healthy. There were no polyps, no inflammation and even nothing in the part of my small intestine where I had the colitis inflammation a month ago. So nothing in there is what’s causing my bowel issues. It still give me piece of mind though knowing that with my family history of colon cancer that mine is in really good shape!

And now, for those of you that are interested in seeing it, here are really fascinating photos of this inside of my body taken on a scope that’s inside my butthole.

These are all of my colon:




This one is the very beginning of my small intestine where the infection was a month ago. Looking perfectly healthy! And I love that you can see the little villi.

Beginning of my small intestine.