Friday Five: Cellphones!

On Tuesday, because WHY NOT!?

When did you get your first cell phone?
It wasn’t MY phone but we got our first family cell phone when I was a Sophomore in high school. I wasn’t really supposed to use it but I did anyway. Pretty sure it was like $10,000 a minute an my mom ordered a hit on me when she saw the bill. 😉

How old were you at the time?
Umm, sophomore year would make me 14/15.

What type of phone was it?
It was this one. Sexy, right?


What type of phone do you have now?
I have an iPhone 4S still but I’ve been slowly saving up the money to get a 5S. I’ve almost broken down a few times and just ordered it knowing that I will be able to make up the rest of the cost when I sell the 4S but I’ve been trying REALLY HARD to stick to a budget I’ve set out for myself. I’m only about $30 short. SO CLOSE! Plus, this way I can put whatever I get for selling the 4S to my Christmas budget fund. So far I’ve been able to make it all up by selling stuff and blogging and I haven’t had to take on any odd jobs that require disposable coveralls. 😉

Do you prefer calling or texting/mailing?
I prefer to text short stuff like quick questions or shopping items I need. For anything more I prefer to call.

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