New Oldies Websites Offer Place For Music Lovers To Socialize

The problem with dating is meeting someone you have more in common with than just being single. Most of the online dating sites are just too large to find anyone to really form a connection. Rather than use the innovative potential of technology to make dating easier, these sites have done little more than create a digital listing of the old newspaper personal ads. Things are starting to change and raise the chances of you meeting someone special a real possibility. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the newest way to socialize is based in music; after all, music has defined the baby boomer generation like no other generation before it.

Share Your Music, Share Your Life

Music has always been how we have marked moments in our lives and how we share our lives with others. When we can’t find words, there is music to play. The newest social network, iOldies, took that reality and combined it with the new world where most of our first social interactions occur online. The result is a new oldies website where you can not only find the music you remember, but you can socialize with others who are there with the same love and passion for the sound of their generation. This is a social network that is based upon people connecting through a shared interest, this means that the connection you will start to make will go further and mean more in your life than ones on more general sites. On iOldies, you can do more than find the music you remember. You can meet new people and discover whole sides of the style and trends of your generation that you may have heard of, but weren’t a part of your experience.

Share your Life, Find someone Special

When you are in the 50+ generation, you have discovered who you are and created a life that you want to live. Now, the only thing missing is to find someone special to share it with. When you are ready to meet baby boomers online to begin to re-explore the dating scene, it is going to be a much different experience than any other you have had in your life. When we are younger, we seek people to help complete us and help us to reach our goals; the goals are much different when you are 20 then when you are 50+. Now the goal is to experience the fullness of life, to connect to what is real and to live an authentic experience. You don’t find people to do that with who are on sites so large it will take a year to sift through the profiles. You find them by going to boutique dating sites that are focused on the kinds of people you will most likely have something in common with. Start with the generation, add in a common interest in music and now you have a place to begin.

Being Social Online

There has been a lot in the media about the drive to “unplug” from the Internet, but there are some cases in which maintaining a moderate connection can be very helpful. Maintaining social contacts online, and being involved with social networks, can keep you engaged and your mind lively. It can help alleviate those pangs of loneliness we all get when we are in that awkward stage of looking for a partner and it is also one of the few ways you will actually meet someone. With our busy lifestyles and schedules, often the beginnings of a courtship have to occur online until you know there is enough of a reason to take it offline and make room for the relationship.

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