You know you’re a band geek when you can identify any instrument by its case.

Cassidy has turned into such an adorable little band geek. It’s been fun to see her playing grow and progress throughout the years. She’s stuck with the flute through it all so she’s gotten so good that now I enjoy getting to listen to her practice in the afternoons. Previously we rented a flute but this year her band teacher was a SAINT and let her have one of his to use for the season. I’ve been keeping an eye out on one to buy but for now the free one is just fine for me because there’s still a chance that she could end up changing her mind. As crazy as this kid is I full expect that one day she’ll come home fluteless and will instead be lugging in something like this remo ergo soloist doumbek at guitar center!

But no matter how many times she might or might not change, I will never get tired of sitting in the stands at the game listening to her play. It’s one of those awesome parental moments that you just know will go far too fast.

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