Fifteen. My baby girl is fifteen years old today.

She is wicked funny. And now it’s a more adult humor. No more knock-knock jokes that don’t have a punch line. She has mastered the one liner and she pulls them out at the most inappropriate times. I could not be more proud of her horribly timed one liners.

Cassidy is 15!

She doesn’t let trends dictate her style and I love that. Even though sometimes I want to drag her out of a store by the hair because it’s the 5th one we’ve been to and she still can’t find the correct shade of blue jeans that are also the correct length. NEWSLFASH: THEY DON’T EXIST. WE STILL HAVEN’T FOUND THEM. Usually I just tell her if she’ll just PICK A PAIR I will never publicly embarrass her again. Of course this is a lie. She should be really scared for what I have planned for her wedding day. When she’s 35.

Cassidy is 15!

This year in school she’s really found her niche. Her niche is: band geek. And it’s adorable. But also a double edge sword. On one hand it’s been really great to watch her at a game, to see her come home giddy and exhausted after getting to play during a college game, to see the pride on her face. But also, it’s been a big time commitment. Her next two Saturdays are booked with Band Stuff. She has 3 hour weekday practices then Taco Bell afterwards with Band Friends. So less time to hang out with her awesome and amazing mom.

Cassidy is 15!

More than ever before I’m really excited to see where this year takes her. She is becoming so independent and unique and we are beginning to see what Adult Cassidy is going to be like and I have to say, I’m excited to get to hang out with her.

Till then… Happy Birthday, Kid. I love you.

DAW! Dropping her off at the airport.

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