Moving with kids should be an adventure!

Five year ago this month we bought our current house. I’m hoping that we can continue to live here for years to come because we love our home. I have quite a few friends and family that are in the armed forces though that are not so lucky as to be able to stay in one place for such an extended time. This can be a good thing though! One of my best friend speaks so fondly of getting to live in far away places like Hawaii and Australia growing up because her dad was enlisted and they had to move every few years. Once she even lived on the same road my parents live on now in Oceanside, CA. Such a small world!

The stress and work that comes with moving so often though, especially when you have young kids involved, can be daunting. I know when we moved when Cassidy was in 4th grade she was really concerned about changing schools but I did some research on the school ratings in our area to make sure we got her into the best available schools in the area and she has really flourished and done so well.

I think one of the main things to think of with kids is to make the move into a big adventure. Do some research before hand on the area that you are moving into and show them all the cool new things to explore and discover in their new military town. My cousin and his family just moved across the country away from all their friends and family and I’ve been having so much fun watching them explore and discover all the new things to do around them.

Most of all, don’t forget to share you pictures and stories on your favorite social media outlet to keep in touch with friends and family no matter where you are!

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