Weekend away.

When we were opening gifts for Christmas Ben told me, “One of your gifts is a weekend away in Pismo. Pick a weekend and I’ll set it all up.”

It was awesome. We usually stay at a certain hotel but it’s kind of silly expensive so we decided to stay at the Best Western Shore Cliff and I think it was a great choice! Going down I had one plan: RELAX. We spent most of the time in the hotel room, only really leaving to eat. PERFECT.

Cassidy rode down to Pismo with us Friday evening and was picked up by Mary, her boyfriend Elisio and one of Cassidy’s BFFs Mallory and they continued on to Orange County to go to Knotts Berry Farm Saturday.

Here are some highlights!

I woke up to this view Saturday morning.


It was GORGEOUS! I was worried because the night before it was COLD. Like, two jackets and a scarf IN THE HOTEL room cold when we first got there. But the weather was perfect. We opened the door and the sun reflected off the ocean and warmed our room enough to keep the sliding glass door open all day.

We went down to breakfast there was an automatic pancake maker. I was like, WE NEED ONE OF THESE OMG! LIKE SERIOUSLY! TODAY!

It’s $3,500. So apparently that’s out of the question. Ben’s priorities are whack.

We ate a lot of this clam chowder in a bread bowl from Splash Cafe. It is the best thing you will ever put in your mouth and the entire reason we went to Pismo instead of some place closer. You can order it and have it sent directly to your home. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Clam chowder bread bowl #2 with a view.

Saturday we got cute and went to Steamers for dinner where I NOMed on the second steak in 24 hours. It was a good food trip.


Rare filet. YES PLEASE!


I woke up to this seriously beautiful sunrise on Sunday.

Woke up to this beautiful view Sunday morning.

It was the perfect weekend. Relaxing, lazy and full of good food and my handsome husband.

2 thoughts on “Weekend away.

  1. What the hell? Why wouldn’t you buy that pancake maker? However speaking of pancakes, Josh showed me this today and I told him he has to make this for me if he loves me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-5uldtKpXc

    So maybe you can have this instead too?

    Also I am sad because I don’t think the chowder people ship to New Zealand so you have henceforth broken my dreams.

    But I’m glad that you had a nice time and I’m glad that you are happy and I really like your iPhone case.

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