Gobble, gobble.

HEY, EVERYBODY! How was Thanksgiving!? Did you eat a lot and then feel sick and then eat a lot all over again?

We got up bright and early so Ben could work out before the day’s festivities and I could take the dogs out for some exercise since they were going to be cooped up with us in my mom’s house for most of the day EATING ALL THE THINGS. I tried to get some running in but the high school had some kind of sports practice going on so I ended up at the dog park and there were some sketchy dogs I had to keep an eye on.

BEFORE any of that though, I started homemade dinner roll dough. Did you know that roll dough has to rise? I was a from scratch making virgin so I was not aware that dough needs to be WARM to rise till it was time for it to actually GET BIGGER. And our house was freezing. So I started load of laundry in the washer and ran the dryer hoping it would warm the laundry room enough. It did not. Then the Internet told me to wrap a heating pad set to low around the bowl and BAM! That bread rose in about 20 minutes. MAGIC! Thanks, Internet!

They turned out pretty badass just in case you were wondering. Well, except the one tray I put on the bottom rack of the oven because I wanted to bake them both at once. They were burned. Live and learn!

Finished rolls!

Anyway, dinner! Dinner was good, of course. My little brother injected a turkey with butter and bacon fat then deep fried it. He also made a bacon and Bourbon pecan pie. Well, he made two and I brought one home and threatened a pox upon anybody that dared to eat any of it. Ben ate a piece Sunday night and woke up Monday morning hardly able to move from severe neck and back pain. JUST SAYIN’.

Perfection. Turkey day food! Was so busy eating I forgot to post these!
Pretty table! Cameron's NOMS. He cleaned this plate. #glutton

When Ben and I got home Thursday night we decided that for the rest of the weekend we needed to have a contest to see who could be the laziest. I think it was a tie because no fucks were given and nothing productive was accomplished. Well, unless you consider leveling your Warlock from 83 to 84 productive and that probably really depends on who you ask.

And that leads me to a different topic for a different blog post for a different day.

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