You’re welcome for this enlightening life lesson.

Recipe: CANDY!

Earlier this evening I got tired of having to get off the couch every time the doorbell rang so I enlisted Cassidy to take a shift handing out Halloween candy to all the adorable little sugar fueled kids.

Cassidy: Why do parents of two year olds come to the door and get candy? They aren’t going to let the kids actually eat all that candy and most of the kids sit in a stroller on the sidewalk while the parents come to the door to get the candy.
Me: Cassidy, there’s only two reasons any adult willingly chooses to have kids. Only two. One is the tax break, the other is the Halloween candy.
Cassidy: That’s… horrible.
Me: Yeah, but the free chocolate makes you get over that pretty quick.

Me: You’re welcome.
Cassidy: For what?
Me: This enlightening life lesson.
Cassidy: Halloween is NOT about the kids? It’s about adults eating your candy when you go to bed?

2 thoughts on “You’re welcome for this enlightening life lesson.

  1. You forgot all about the costumes and how we get to force them to wear adorable animal costumes and humiliate them for our candy.

  2. Haha. So true. I took Gracie tonight and you can bet there’s NO way she’s eating all that. Her one cousin is 2 mos old and her dad took her to the door in her little pumpkin costume to get candy for himself, lulz. Trent chilled out in his stroller. I figured one kid’s candy was enough for the waistline (not even a big fan of chocolate here anyways)

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