Everything in food is science. The only subjective part is when you eat it.

One of the things I get asked the most via social media, via email and via chat is for recipes for the food I post online. I usually post pictures with a link to a recipe but I always have to include all the things I’ve changed about them and it can get kind of tedious because most of the time I’m doing it on the iPhone or iPad. And because I am me and I don’t like to follow directions I NEVER make a recipe exactly the way it’s called for. Like, ever.

Well, I do USUALLY when I’m baking but that’s a whole lot of science and ratios and you don’t mess with a good baking recipe.

Another reason I change almost every recipe is because I try to make things as healthy as possible. Now, this can’t ALWAYS be done (The Pioneer Woman’s Fettuccine Alfredo for example [which you MUST TRY because it is SO GOOD] has perfect ratios and should not be changed[1. Although, do yourself a favor and stir in some fresh julienne basil in the last second and top it with sprinkle of chopped thick cut bacon. TRUST.]) but I’ve found that substituting Truvia for sugar usually works, using corn starch to thicken instead of flour is great and most recipes that call for “a tablespoon or so” of butter generally don’t need butter at all.

So I’m going to start posting recipes here. I’m going to aim for one a week and I’ll link it on ALL THE INTERNET PLACES so that you can find them. I’m also going to set up a recipe subsection on the site with pictures and stuff so that they are easy to find.

Just a general disclaimer: I am not a food blogger. I don’t claim to be one at all. I’m just a busy working mom that likes to cook good healthy food for my family. Most of my photos will be taken at night with crap lighting and probably from my iPhone because DLSRs are clunky and require two hands and I am a COMPLETE KLUTZ so having one in the kitchen is always a little scary for me. In other words, don’t expect a lot from my photos. But make the food anyway because I promise if I take the time to post it here, it’s something I found is REALLY GOOD and you should TOTALLY EAT.

3 thoughts on “Everything in food is science. The only subjective part is when you eat it.

  1. I love this and look forward to what you post! I have started working on substitutions and lightening things up, so I tinker a lot more with recipes as well. Or I just make shit up, haha. (Which is HUGE for me because I have been a recipe-only kinda girl.)

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