Sick Day.

I do not have time for this shit.

There are about 75,000,000 other things I’d rather do than sit at home all day being sick. It’s SO BORING. The only redeeming bonus is that HGTV plays House Hunters and My First Place all day if I can stay awake to watch them. That’s the problem with a 101 degree fever, my body gets all SLEEP FOOL on me and keeping my eyes open for more than an hour becomes almost impossible. Actually, it IS impossible so thank you DVR for never letting me miss which house those people that mean absolutely nothing to me picked because I’m not sure I could have continued on with my life without that information. Can you even imagine? What kind of life would that be?

OH! And you know that thing people tell you “I woke up covered in sweat?” Well I thought that was just a saying to garner extra sympathy. Like, maybe if you say that, your husband will get you some ice cream on the way home because he feels so sorry for you but who ACTUALLY wakes up COVERED IN SWEAT!? But you know what?! That ACTUALLY HAPPENS! I woke up Sunday night and thought I had a spider crawling on my face and temporarily FREAKED OUT when I realized it was just a drip of water ON MY FACE, FROM MY SWEAT GLANDS. Apparently that’s what happens when your fever finally “breaks” but since the same thing happened again last night I have my doubts. Although, I guess technically since my fever “breaks” several times a day after freebasing large amounts of Ibuprofen I’ve been doing nothing but sweating profusely, judging people’s home buying choices and sleeping for about 24 hours now. It’s all kinds of sexy.

And I’d rather be at work. I still worked Monday and Tuesday even though I hardly have the energy to stand up and got a little too dizzy on the way home yesterday from not eating enough. Today I finally gave in and realized that if I didn’t give my body some time to heal this had the potential to NEVER END and I’d be stuck at home for DAYS ON END and there are not enough anti-psychotics in ALL THE WORLD to help me deal with that.

And now it’s time to sleep/sweat some more. On the couch this time because the sheets smell and I’m too tired to walk up there and change them right now and the couch is right here below my butt and all I’d really have to do is close my eyes and…

3 thoughts on “Sick Day.

  1. Ugh, fever breaks are the worst. When I had mono last year (or the year prior, I can’t remember) i woke up and my hair was SOAKED. I thought someone poured water on me. Nope. Just my sweaty self. Anyway, I hope you feel better and get some ice cream.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about you being sick. I hope you start to feel better soon! I’ve never woke up in sweat, but my boyfriend has quite often. Just not because of being sick. It’s weird eh?

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