Till next time.

So much I want to write and want to say and I’m sitting her on the couch frozen and numb. I can’t think, I can’t talk and honestly I’m fighting the urge to get in car, drive someplace dark and just cry till some of this heartache goes away.

Cryptic post is cryptic.

I know.

I just want everybody to know tonight to hug your kids. They are the ONLY thing that matter. Being a mom has been the most fully rewarding and painfully heartbreaking experience I’ve ever had. Right now my daughter needs me to fight for her. She doesn’t realize it, she probably won’t till one day, long from now, she’ll look back and she’ll see that what I’m doing right now, what I’m probably going to have to do in the months to come, is all for her. All to know that she will grow up to be the best person, best mother, best friend, best coworker, best daughter, best everything I know she can be.

So for at least a little while, all my extra time and energy needs to go into my family. My daughter, my husband, my life here. Now. Offline.

If I post anywhere, it will be here. But I’ve already let social media friends know I won’t be around.

I’m not saying I’m going away forever. I will be back. I just need some time to heal my family and to focus on getting through this… this thing.

<3 you all. Take care. Till next time.

11 thoughts on “Till next time.

  1. I preferred the cryptic level of the tweet/facebook. This one makes me worried for you. 🙁

    I hope that whatever it is, you conquer it quick and you know we’re here for you. *biggest hugs*

  2. I won’t even presume to know the situation, but you have all the positive thoughts and strength I can give. I know it doesn’t mean much in real life but I know that with as awesome as you are you are going to conquer whatever is going on and have the strength to rebuild whatever crumbles down.

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