Life with a teenager.

Phone call today on the way home.

Cassidy: Mama?
Me: Cassidy.
Cassidy: Is it okay if Alexis comes over? We need to bake stuff for the bake sale we’re having for Lucero Luna.
Me: Do you have your…
Cassidy: My PE clothes are in my bag.
Me: And you talked to your teacher about that…
Cassidy: She put the grade in wrong, I got a C but I’m going to do some corrections and bring it up and it will be better.
Me: Okay, I’ll be there in like 10 minutes.
Cassidy: OKAY!

In the car:

Me: I can already tell what’s going to happen here. I’m going to be up till 11:00PM baking things.
Cassidy: I’m going to make it all!
Me: Between shopping for the stuff, homework, laundry, vacuuming and dinner you are going to bake four batches of brownies and two batches of Rice Krispie treats?
Cassidy: YES!
Me (to Alexis): I’m going to be up all night baking.
Alexis: Probably!

Go to store. Buy ALL THE THINGS!

Me: So four boxes of brownies, two boxes of Rice Crispies, three packages of marshmallows, two bags of M&Ms. Wait, why do we have two bags of M&Ms?
Cassidy: For the rice crispy treats!
Me: We only need one bag, there are enough for like 78 BILLION BATCHES there.
Cassidy: They’re two for $8.00!
Me: So get ONE for $4.00!

A minute later they reappear!

Alexis: They’re actually $7.00 a bag! So you get a whole extra bag for $1.00!
Me: Oh, well then you should get two!
Cassidy: OKAY! *epic eye roll*

On the way to the car:

Cassidy: So we need to make the posters tonight so we can put them up tomorrow so kids bring money.
Alexis: Okay!
Cassidy: We. Need. To. Make. Post…
Me: I GOT THAT!? Tonight? So this things isn’t till Wednesday!?
Cassidy: Nope.
Me: @(#$@#*)$)@*#%@#% You told me we had to bake TOOOOOOODAY!
Cassidy: I did?
Alexis: I’m pretty sure you did say that.
Cassidy: I’ll still think you’re beautiful.
Me: I’m going to punch you in the face.
Alexis: I’ll still think you’re beautiful, Cassidy.

The only reason I didn’t make them walk home from the store is because I think what they are doing is very admirable. They are trying to raise money to help whatever family Lucero had left give her a decent funeral. I can’t be mad at that. And I’ll probably be up all night baking and that’s okay.

Cassidy is on the yearbook team? Committee? And she and her friend suggested that they make a page for her in the yearbook.

This kid. Sometimes I want to punch her in the face, other times I want to hug her till she promises to never leave home.

5 thoughts on “Life with a teenager.

  1. Hey, on the bright side, it’s a teenager, and not your twenty-something partner doing idiotic shit. You kind of expect a teenager to do that 😉

    Also: Calling Cassidy a teenager feels weird man.

  2. It’s so sweet that she’s doing so much in honor of Lucero. (Sorry she’s being very teenager-ish about some of it, though.) Her compassion about this says a lot about how you’ve raised her.

    BTW – People who work on the yearbook are usually called yearbook staff. 🙂

  3. hahahahaaha. I’ve had conversations/scenarios like this before with my son.
    My bf Ben and I often joke with each other saying things like “I’m going to punch you in the face”. My son and I were joking around one day and I said it to him, we both knew I was just being funny but I still felt like omg worst mom ever. Thanks for neutralizing that pain 😉

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