Shopping list.

Ben started this list of needed shopping items the other day on the white board by the garage door. Last night I felt him sigh with enough force to rattle the windows so I looked over to see that he was crossing off two of the things that Cassidy and I had added to the list.

Me: Butt Plugs (which would have removed the need for a plunger!)
Cassidy: Twinkies

I don’t understand WHY he felt the need to remove two such critical items but I was happy this morning to see that he’s taking our need for farts very seriously. I added that one too. You never know when you’re going to run out, after all.


9 thoughts on “Shopping list.

  1. So, just curious. Did Cassidy have any questions about the butt plugs?

    How did our family become so obsessed with anal emissions?

    1. Cassidy: Butt plugs?
      Me: So the plunger isn’t necessary!
      Cassidy: That sounds like a really bad idea.
      Me: Truth. Don’t ever let anybody talk you into using one.
      Cassidy: No problem!
      Me: Glad we had this talk.
      Cassidy: I’m adding Twinkies.
      Me: Fabulous!

  2. I stopped keeping our shopping list on the fridge. I’d always find shit on it like, “Korean milk, made with REAL Koreans!” or, indeed, “Farts.”

    Now, if Chris wants to add something to it, he has to tell me. The list is on my phone.

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