Question and Answers with Cassidy. Two years later.

February of 2009 I shot this video of the Cassidy. She said something funny and I was like WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? So I grabbed the camera, she grabbed her Hannah Montana microphone, and I peppered her with questions. We happened across it today while watching videos and we were laughing SO HARD it just seemed like the perfect time to do it again!

So here we go. No Hannah Montana this time, no Jonas brothers, instead it’s Paramore and Edward.

The end killed me. The end is literally Cassidy, channeling me. Except with no cuss words.

(PS – Not sure why it’s not defaulting to HD, choose 720P for less grainy goodness. *shakes fist at YouTube*)

5 thoughts on “Question and Answers with Cassidy. Two years later.

  1. So, was cloning yourself expensive? Because Cassidy is totes your mini-me. I can’t believe how much she grew and changed in two years.

    She should interview you next!

  2. Okay, you are both totally adorable. And so is Kumo, weird ears and all.

    Oh and someone buy that child a waffle maker! Hahaha, that cracked me up!

  3. That’s amazing. Getting all teary for some crazy reason! I need to do one of these with Meghan because she’d just come out with the most random stuff.

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