Ummm, yeah.

I really hate to do this, HATE, but I’m kind of phoning it in today. I’ve been trying to find a new theme to put up here and I’m like WHAT IS ALL THIS STUFF!? There are a TON of really awesome themes out there but really? They are… too much. Snippets on the index instead of full posts, images required for EVERY POST title, flashy shit everywhere. I just want a simple, uncluttered, SIMPLE THEME.

I’m starting to realize more and more that I’m going to have to take something I can find that’s close and modify the hell out of it. Ideally, I wanted to have something that required little to no coding but that’s just not going to happen. I spent a few hours tonight playing around with a few contenders and ran out of time to post something worth saying.

If you all have any themes that you OMGLOVE and aren’t OMG OVER THE TOP FLASHY let me know.

Hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday and have an even better Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “Ummm, yeah.

  1. I’ve had the same problem. After coding all day for work, the last thing I feel like doing is coding my own layouts anymore sadly, but I just can’t find anything I like :(.

  2. If you’re willing to shell out like 30 bucks, the Big Feature theme over at ThemeForest is what of my favorites (sorry no link but I’m on my phone & being lazy). It’s one of my favorites and can really customized to be repurposed over and over. I used it for over a year and will most likely go back to it soon.

  3. I’m not much help, but I use a theme called Headlines from WooThemes, that I got during one of their 5 for $5 sales. I just chose not to use a lot of the flashy shit. XD Though I did have to play with it a tiny bit.

  4. Trying to find that perfect theme is hard, even with so many out there. I just want something barebones and simple that I can customize the shit out of without it being complicated. I think I found it, but we’ll see once I decide to go ahead and switch over.

    So I feel your frustration. Have you looked at Thematic? It’s free and seems very barebones.

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