1 year with Samus.

The day we bought Kumo and brought him home was an awesome day… to everybody except Hans. Hans thought it was THE WORST DAY EVER and proceeded to try and eat Kumo’s face off. After that if a cat came within 50 feet of Kumo he’d try and climb your leg to get away from the scary cat who weighed 50 pounds less than him. Hans has NEVER taken to the dogs and because of the way that Kumo met him, he’s always been scared of cats. So for a long time Ben and I threw around the idea of getting a kitten and trying to reintroduce Kumo to cats with something a little less threatening and FACE EATING.

So a year ago today our friend Lisa posted to Facebook that the San Jose animal shelter had WAY TOO MUCH CUTE of the kitten variety and was giving them away fixed and vaccinated for $10. On a whim, we drove up to see if we could find our zoo a new member.

At first I really loved these two all black kittens but they were really skittish and Ben was unreasonably against bringing two cats home. MEANIE!

Then they brought in this tiny grey female. She scampered across the bench, crawled into Ben’s lap and started to purr so loudly I’m pretty sure the windows shook a little. We wanted something calm and cute for Kumo and that is exactly what this little girl was.

So Samus came home with us.

When we introdued her to Kumo this time we did it through a crate door, calmly and for longer times slowly. A few hours later we placed Samus next to Kumo as he laid on the floor and Kumo SHOOK. He was like GET IT AWAY FROM ME I AM SCARED. SO WHAT IF IT’S ONLY AS LONG AS MY NOSE!?

But he got over it quickly. Especially when Danica was like WOOOOHOOOO WE GOT A NEW PUPPY TO PLAY WITH YEAH! From about the second day she’s been home, she’s been one of the pack… of dogs. I’ve never SEEN a cat that acts so much like a dog.

Eats when the dogs eat, wants to go out when the dogs go out, sleeps on the floor with the dogs, she is a kittydog. She also liked water which we realized about three days in when I was in the bathtub and she jumped in… then just hung out in the water.

When we had her about a week, this happened:

I think I'll sit RIGHT HERE!

So while Hans still very much wants to eat Kumo’s face for dinner, he can be around cats now without laying on the floor and convulsing. Plus, we got this crazy kittydog that plays with Danica, Kumo and all the dogs that come over to visit.


Samus has no concept of personal space.


Samus makes an excellent pillow.

2 thoughts on “1 year with Samus.

  1. Awww, I love that they’re all best buds! And Samus is adorable. You seriously have an awesome family. 😀

    We plan on adding a dog (or two) to our household at some point so seeing how the kitties react will be.. interesting. Hopefully it’s not EAT YOUR FACE OFF bad but I imagine it will be since the cats have been pretty sheltered so far. They’re people-friendly but have not been around other animals much since, well, we don’t really know anybody else with pets.

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