Time change should be outlawed. For the airheads.

This time change thing? Yeah, not meant for people of the airhead population. First of all, Ben’s been replacing all the outlets in our new soon to be workout room (formerly The Blue Room, now the Licorice Red Room) and every time he changes one (been doing them over a few days before going to work in the mornings) he has to turn off all the breakers which resets my alarm clock. Like every day. Seriously.

So I woke up Sunday morning and it was light out and my clock read 3:05AM. WHAT!? I thought we got one extra hour of sleep how is it light outside already!? Looked at my phone, turns out it’s like 7:30AM. OH! HA! RESET CLOCK TO CORRECT TIME!

Then at some point much later (SLEEPING IN IS AWESOME) I wandered downstairs and was confused because my laptop said 8:30 but my phone said 9:30 and previously both have always reset themselves so somewhere, something failed me. TECHNOLOGY! WHAT GOOD ARE YOU?!

So I walk in the kitchen and we actually have this conversation:

Me: So, what time is it?
Ben: What time does the clock say?
Me: Well, my phone says one thing and my laptop says another and MY BRAIN CAN’T FIGURE THIS OUT.
Ben: Seriously?
Me: DUH!
Ben: So, how do you think you could figure this out?
Me: I could google it but I’M ASKING YOU!
Ben: *pulls up the atomic clock on his phone*
Me: Well, my phone won’t do that, it’s FLASH.
Ben: iPhone fail.

Okay, here’s another thing. Recently, Ben decided to defect from Our Team WHICH IS APPLE and bought himself a Galaxy S2. And it’s a badass phone but there might be a little bit of Who’s Phone Has The Bigger Penis competition going on between the S2 an the 4S. CLEARLY, the 4S is #WINNING but in this case, I had to accept my defeat in the form on a petty insult at my lack of ability to use flash on my phone.

It was short lived though when his ANDROID phone failed to load the site properly. JUST WANTED TO PUT THAT OUT THERE IN THE WORLD.

Eventually I figured out that my phone’s time zone had somehow been set to Denver? I have no idea how that happened but sometimes when I get up at 4:30AM for work and I try to check my email, I unlock my phone later in the day and am like WHAT WAS I DOING!? It’ll be on some random webpage explaining why roosters crow or I’ve made a post on facebook as Kumo on accident.

I got confused again when at 8:30PM my body was all HAHAHAHA YOU ARE DONE FOR THE DAY GOODNIGHT!

And I passed out on the couch.

Then I got confused AGAIN when my bedroom clock was the wrong time because I had set it to match my iPhone before I realized that my iPhone HAD THE WRONG TIME.

Then I had a momentary moment of panic when I got in my car this morning and my clock read 6:10. HOLY FUCK I’M LATE HOW IS IT 6:00AM ALREADY FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU!!!

And then the guy from NPR was all “It’s 5:10, time for your first traffic check!” And I stopped peeing myself and was all AHAHAAHAHA I KNEW THAT!

It’s 2011, people. Not only do we not have flying cars or Rosie the Robot, but we still have to manually change our own clocks.

Future fail.

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  1. I hate changing the clocks twice a year, because it’s SUCH A PAIN to make sure that all of the “manual” clocks in our house (three wall clocks, four alarm clocks, and a stove and microwave clock) are all set to be the exact, or at close as I can get to exact, time. #firstworldproblems

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