Pictures of a Sunday.

What day is it? Day 6! I made it past my guestimate! BAM! #WINNING!

So I really tried to do a Day In The Life today. SERIOUSLY! Then I realized at some point that it had been like 3 hours since my last photo and in that time I had gotten dressed, done laundry, gone to breakfast, shopped at Champion [1. new cold weather running gear for me marked 40% off already marked down outlet prices WHAT!?] and Pearl Izumi [2. New super reflective cycling jacket for Ben who has been taking more night rides] and was leaving the grocery store. It was a busy day!

I did take a few pictures though so I’ll post my day in a few photos. I think I might actually try the DItL again tomorrow. Possibly.

Waiting for breakfast. We have limited eating out to the weekends to try and save some money. This was the last meal till dinner time Friday that I won’t have to cook. I ate the shit out of breakfast… and then paid the price for HOURS after that because my tummy was like HAHAHAH EAT BAD FOOD, FEEL BAD! BITCH!

Waiting for breakfast.

Kumo and Danica had friends over for a puppy play date. Their mom will be here to pick them up in a bit. Currently they are all passed out. PLAYING IS HARD WORK!

Puppy play date!

Dogs do not get the concept of daylight savings. Danica was like, “It was dinner time 15 minutes ago. WHERE’S MY NOMS!?”

Dogs do not get the concept of daylight savings. Danica was like, "It was dinner time 15i minutes ago. WHERE'S MY NOMS!?"

I went for a run in my new gear. It was glorious.

1st run in my new cool weather gear.

Now I’m working on this. I’m kind of bummed because I had another scarf a little father along than this in the same colorway but I realized after I had completely knit the first skein that I didn’t have another skein from the same dye lot and none of the other skein’s stripes matched. GAH! So I frogged it and started again with a skein that has two more skeins in the same lot. I just wish the stripes in this dye lot were more noticible. I do still think it’s pretty cute. I think it’s going to be a Christmas gift for a special friend. 🙂

Currently on the needles. Special scarf for a special person.

4 thoughts on “Pictures of a Sunday.

  1. Nice job surpassing your goal! I bet you kick NaBloPoMo’s butt with me. 🙂

    I love your photos! Now you just have to do an entire day! I am still determined to do an entire DITL but I want to do it on a weekend because a work day would be too boring since I can’t really do photos at work.

    I love that scarf!

  2. I’m desperate for winter running gear especially after the cold, frosty morning I ran in today. New shoes are next on my agenda though which is going to take a lot of saving up. I’m hoping my parents buy me the gear I put on my Christmas list for them. Either that or the Garmin 110 that I SO NEED!

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