Most of the time.

I know those sounds kind of braggy (because I am totally bragging) but I make CUTE OFFSPRING. Are you allowed to call a tween cute?

TOTAL TANGENT ALERT: For a few years now I’ve been calling her The Tween, formerly The Princess, sometimes still The Brat. But in a week she is going to be an ACTUAL TEEN. Minus the W. Plus LOTS AND LOTS OF GRAY HAIR. AND CAPSLOCK. HELP!

Anyway, for the last few years we’ve been getting Cassidy’s eyes checked the week before her birthday and every year it’s the same. “Congrats! You have 20/20 vision! You didn’t inherit your mother’s awesomely bad eyesight! That’ll be $20.00, have a good year!”

Then this year I went in expecting to get the same news, pay my $20.00 and get out of there fast enough to run my car though the drive through car wash. I love the drive though car wash. CHEAP FUN!

Instead it went something like this: “Congrats! You have 20/20 vision! You didn’t inherit your mother’s awesomely bad eyesight! Although you do have an astigmatism and that’s why your mom has been telling you for a year that your 0’s look like 6’s and doesn’t SHE feel like an asshole for not realizing it and making you redo your problems all those times because they looked WRONG to her but RIGHT to you. That’ll be $100.00! Have a nice year!”


Cassidy has really started to form a… unique sense of style. Basically, the less that matches the better. It’s endearing and sometimes blinding with the BRIGHT COLORS. Above all, she does NOT WEAR PINK. The glasses I bought last week, BRIGHT PINK Juicy Couture. I pointed them out to her today and she did the finger-down-the-throat gagging motion.


So I know right away that:

1) Her glasses would be blue.
2) I was going to hand her as many pink pair to try on as possible to see how many different ways she could demonstrate to the room how much disdain she possessed for her horrible mother.

At one point the lady helping us pulled me aside.

Lady: I don’t think she LIKES pink.
Me: Oh, yeah I know, she HATES pink.
Lady: Okay…

10 seconds later.

Cassidy: *death glare*
Me: I love you.
Cassidy: I hate you.
Me: Awwwwwwwwww! *hugs her*
Lady: …

She ended up getting these adorable blue and black Candies frames with little flowers on the side with rhinestones in the center. But only because she couldn’t find a decent pair of “Urkel glasses”.

When we were leaving she had a big grin on her face.

Me: Your glasses are really cute.
Cassidy: Thanks! I really like them.
Me: I’m glad.
Cassidy: Thanks, mom.
Me: You’re welcome.
Cassidy: I don’t hate you.
Me: I know.
Cassidy: Most of the time.

You guys, this kid.

I love her so much.

Most of the time.

1st pair of glasses!

8 thoughts on “Most of the time.

  1. She looks lovely in her new glasses. I’m pretty much the same in that I tend to wear clothes that don’t match. Think blue jeans, green jacket and red t-shirt. I probably should look twice before I leave the house but I don’t actually care.

  2. Hahaha, aww. I laughed out loud at her 0’s looking like 6’s and you not realizing it was because her eyes were bad. You guys are hilarious. Also I think you are a freaking awesome mom. My mom made me get hideously horrible awful glasses when I was Cassidy’s age and I wasn’t allowed to pick out my own because I “didn’t know any better” and apparently wouldn’t know what framed my face correctly.

    I think Cassidy’s glasses are awesome.

  3. She looks so cute. See, I wanted glasses like this with thicker frames for Sydney and instead went with little thin, and pink frames. Although in my defense they were rosey pink. Not hot pink. I can’t wait until she’s a little older so she can pick them out her own! Or get contacts! Or get lasik!

  4. I hated pink clothing when I was 13-17ish (then I dyed my hair pink, go figure) now, I’m 27 and I wish I could rock hot pink clothing. As for sophie, she hasn’t had any squinting/vision issues, but both my husband and I have seriously *blind as a bat without glasses* eyesight. I’m pretty sure we’ve sentenced her to astigmatism and nearsightedness in the future. Genetics fail.

  5. Aww those glasses are actually super cute! I actually dont mind my glasses at all. Is she bothered by them? She almost looked a little excited!

    Your description of how the conversations went down really cracked me up; I love it. Ah, being a tween.. thankfully I spent more time on the computer then at school or with friends or annoying my mom.

  6. Adorable! I love her glasses. I’m not going to lie, I love Candies glasses. I always get pushed to the “adult” section of when shopping for glasses, the ones that cost a ridiculous amount more, but I usually settle for a pair of cute Candies frames.

  7. What an adorable ALMOST TEEN! You’re right, you do make cute offspring!

    And I love those glasses. Very stylish. And glad that Cassidy took to the news well. I was crushed when I heard I would need glasses for the rest of my life!

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