August 30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 4

Favorite color.

This was an intersting dilemma for me because my favorite color really depends on what you’re asking me about.

Clothes? I love black and gray, then accessorizing with bright pops of color. I want either muted, or LOUD. So I either have a on a black top or HOT PINK or NEON YELLOW.

For the home? I love green or yellow walls because they are neutral and easy to accessorize. But my dream house would have neutral walls with LOUD, BRIGHT, OBNOXIOUS accent walls. Ben and I have COMPLETELY conflicting opinions on this though.

Cars? White. I never thought I liked white cars but when we started shopping for an M3 for me, I fell in love with my Alpine white M3 and now I really love white cars.

But, if you ask my husband or daughter, the clear winner in the favorite color category for me is: PINK!

I remember getting REALLY EXCITED when electronics manufactures realized that there were actually GIRL GEEKS out there and started catering to our wants too. I still remember seeing my first pink digital camera and laptop. SMITTEN.

This is the stuff I carry around on a daily basis.

August 30 Day Challenge: Day 4

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