I really need to stop jinxing myself.

For almost six years we didn’t have a dress code at work. I loved it. LOVED. IT. I wore jeans and tshirts and Chucks to work most days and I was comfortable, still presentable, and PRODUCTIVE.

Then, about three months ago we got a new CEO who decide that we needed to start dressing “business casual”. And I cried. A lot.

And complained. A! LOT!

So this dress code officially went into effect on June 1st. Until then we were supposed to “practice” the dress code. I never did. I wore jeans all the way up till May 31st because I’m a rebel. And I REALLY LIKE MY JEANS!


So June 1st I got up at 4:15AM and started getting ready. Just as I was about to get dressed in my TOTALLY NOT AWESOME business casual clothes I checked my email and my bi-monthly Photojojo time capsule email had this image which I’d posted to flickr the year before.

In which I learn to knock on wood a bit more often.

I wanted to punch Past Me in the face. HARD. REPEATEDLY.

Because this is what I wore to work that day.

What I have to wear one year later.

6 thoughts on “I really need to stop jinxing myself.

  1. Well for what it’s worth, you’re totally rocking that outfit! At my last job we had to dress PROFESSIONAL every day. Unless we got the rare casual Friday, or business casual days around the holidays. Now my new job’s dress code from what I know so far, is ALL BLACK and business casual. I thought that was going to be so easy but I have a lot more colorful clothing than black. Weird enough is… I think I wore a lot of black at my old job. Go figure.

  2. Well at least you look rocking!

    Ugh, I am so glad I don’t have to abide by a dress code anymore. Working from home does have one perk, I don’t even have to get dressed if I don’t want to. Heck yeah I’ll make that really important phone call with those mega-awesome clients we love so much while wearing my jammies. Oh, and those a-holes that like video conferencing as opposed to just good old conferencing suck and should DIAF.

  3. I have to wear business casual as well and I hate it; it’s hard to find clothes (at least ones I like) and a lot of business casual isn’t always comfortable and the shoes…oh god the shoes…I hate that part. But you look great!

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