Motivation. Time to BRING IT.

Last year I made a BIG change in my life. I started working out regularly and eating better (not perfect, I just made better choices and practiced portion control) and I lost 45 pounds. And I LOVED it.

And I looked like this:

THIS is what California girls wear. I can't believe how cool it is in AUGUST!

And I had arms like this:


And calves like this:


And then I suddenly got lazy and complacent again and gained like 30 pounds back.


It didn’t all come piling back on and I for quite a long time managed to maintain the loss but in about the last 3 months, my weight just steadily crept UP AND UP AND UP!

And it’s time to fix it. About three weeks ago I started slowly incorporating workouts back in to my daily routine about three times a week. I didn’t feel like I was QUITE ready yet to just go gung ho all in.

Then for the first time last night I felt disappointed that I DIDN’T get a workout in. I didn’t sleep as well last night, I felt kind of “off” all day today, I couldn’t concentrate completely and I kept thinking that I’d REALLY wished I’d gotten a workout in. I couldn’t WAIT to get home and bust out the Legs and Back.

Then about 30 minutes before I left work Ben and I kind of got into it. Not a fight, we were both just annoyed with each other and I’m premenstrual so probably over reacted and I got home and was like JUST FUCK IT. I’M NOT WORKING OUT! WHY BOTHER! I HATE EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD EVEN KITTENS! ESPECIALLY KITTENS! AND BUTTERFLIES! FUCK BUTTERFLIES!

So after taking Cassidy to a friend’s to spend the night, and drinking a Shakeology, I sat down on the couch to pout and HATE THE WORLD. Then I opened YouTube and decided to just watch a few of my “motivation” videos. By about the third one I was feeling a bit better then I watched Tekoa’s video and that was all it took, I was going to press play.

And I did. And it was good. And it will probably hurt to THINK about moving my legs tomorrow. And my glutes are ALREADY sore. It hurts to sit. It hurts SO GOOD.

Anyway, this is just a post to say, I AM BACK. I’m not even close to those pictures up there but I’m pretty pleasantly surprised at how quickly my arm tone is coming back. Like, they are solid when I flex. SOLID. And covered in a layer of fat.

But give me three months. Pressing play 5-6 days a week, making those same smart food choices and I’ll be back.

Three months.

Time to BRING IT.

6 thoughts on “Motivation. Time to BRING IT.

  1. You’ve got the plan, I KNOW you’ve got the power.. now execute! You can do this… In 3 months I look forward to sharing YOUR transformation video with everyone that will listen!!!

  2. Thank you for the motivation! I’m in the same boat.. lost about 40 lbs and toned up a bit almost 2 years ago.. I was so on the right track with eating and exercising, I LOVED it.
    Then my thyroid took a hit from my autoimmunity and my body suffered tragically. I spent the next year doing NOTHING because I felt dead and sometimes even just sleeping was too painful. I also have Ehlers-Danlos so that further complicated things. BUT, I’ve slowly been coming back! I keep telling myself the same thing.. just a few months, and I’ll see some definitive results.. just a few months!

  3. You can do it! I know you can!! You’ve done it before and you will do it again! It is such a good feeling. I am halfway to my goal and I never thought I would even get this far but now I have shown myself that it is possible! 😀

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