This post had no other point than to be whiny and let you all know that sometimes being a responsible adult sucks balls.

I have been BUSY at work. In all caps and bolded. I can’t get into specifics because I don’t do Work Talk here for obvious reasons but just know, BUSY.

I can NOT miss work right now. Simply, CAN NOT. Not an option.

So Monday I woke up and was like I AM GOING TO ROCK THIS DAY! On the way to work I plan out my work out, dinner plans, I AM GOING TO OWN IT. Work is BUSY and I feel like an hour after I get there it’s time to go home and WHERE DID THIS DAY GO? Then on the way home I noticed that I was like, REALLY tired. By the time I got home I just felt mentally and physically just DONE with the day. I got home at 3:30 sat down on the couch to relax for a few minutes… and woke up when Ben got home at 7:30. WHAT THE? I ended up going to bed right after Cassidy did at 9:00 and slept like a rock.

Then Tuesday was pretty much a repeat of Tuesday. Cassidy ended up hanging out at a friend’s house after school and ate dinner there, I went home right after work and slept. I figured maybe I was in for a really bad period and my system was just trying to warn me to rest up for the WILD RIDE AHEAD.

But no.

Wednesday when I woke up I felt like, just every single cell in my body wanted me to get back into bed. I was exhausted. I guzzled a bunch of orange juice on the way out the door hoping the sugar rush would keep me alert enough for the commute to work. Once again though, I got to work and BUSY! NO TIME TO THINK ABOUT BEING TIRED JUST WORK AND BE BUSY AND… then one of my coworkers was like, “Dude, why are you so red? You look like crap.” I brushed it off till I ran to the bathroom and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror while washing my hands. I was red! THE HECK!?

Then it dawned on my just how horrible I really felt. I thought my throat was sore because I’d been talking so much at work but I realized that it was probably just because my throat was SORE. BECAUSE I AM SICK! I was too busy to realize how sick I was!

Turns out I have a fever pushing 102 degrees. Awesome. I CAN NOT miss work right now. CAN NOT.

I’ve been popping Tylenol like mad to keep the fever down. No need to go to the doctor because other than a slightly sore throat and just a bit of congestion, I have no other symptoms and the fever goes down to about 99.5ish with the medicine.

I’m just… I’m not a good sick person. And I am REALLY not good with fevers. They suck the energy out of me like crazy. But I went to work, and I’ll go in tomorrow. And Saturday I have to take Cassidy to an all day band competition in San Jose and then possibly on Sunday I’ll have time for this “rest” stuff that everybody is telling me to get.

Anyway, this post had no other point than to be whiny and let you all know that sometimes being a responsible adult sucks balls.

The End.

Pretty soon I will have ALL OF YOU as obsessed with Zoya as I am.

So about 8 years ago I decided to finally stop READING blogs and writing on one. I bought which doesn’t really make any sense because I was already separated from my husband and in the process of divorcing him changing my name back to my maiden name and I don’t know maybe it was late at night or something!

ANYWAY, I bought a domain.

And then in late 2004 I bought and this is pretty much were I plan on being forever and ever and ever. I hate it when my favorite bloggers bounce around from domain to domain. Pick one, man!

Last weekend at a family reunion we sat around and talked about how cool it was to have sites like facebook to keep in touch from across the country and my dad, pointing out what a huge geek I am, told them that I facebook and tweet and have my own domain.

I kind of sat there nervously giggling and mentally trying to count the number of times I referred to tween boys as motherfuckers in my last post and hoping that one where an iPhone’s alarm clock outsmarts me had fallen off the front page. The domain name never came up though so I breathed a little sigh of relief.

THEN! My dad went and added me to the family facebook group and I had to be worried all over again. And now I’m dealing with the fact that the beautiful illusion of ladylike charm I fooled them all with was pretty much a waste of time.

Except for my Uncle Ted who managed to drop into a conversation that he read my last TWEENS SUCK BALLS rant. I often times forget that some of them already know and read this. So I just wanted to point out to my Uncle Ted that I’ve only said motherfucker once in this post (well, twice now) and that was only because I was quoting… myself.

HI UNCLE TED! *waves*

I’m pretty sure there was a point to all this somewhere…


Because I love you all and because I love my blog, even though I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the reason I stop getting invited to family gatherings, and because this little blog has started to actually become profitable, I wanted to say thank you to all my blog friends. The family that read, the online friends I’ve made, the friends I have in real life and read, ALL OF YOU!

And because I really love Zoya.

Mainly because I really love Zoya.


I’m giving away two bottles of your choice of Zoya nail polish. Pick two bottles, any two bottles, and I’ll have them shipped to you!

1) American residents only. Sorry, kids, I’ll try and do something international sometime.
2) Three ways to enter:

  • One comment here in the comment section to enter. (1 entry)
  • Post about the contest on your own blog and comment here with the link. No need to make it a separate or long post, a line at the beginning or end of a post you were already going to write is fine! (1 entry)
  • Like my BRAND NEW JUST FOR THIS POST Facebook fan page then comment here that you’ve liked it. (1 entry)

For each item, leave a comment here (so three total entries).
3) You’ll have to give me your address so if you think I’m as crazy as I actually am, understand that you will be giving your address to a crazy person.
4) Comments will be closed Friday at midnight and I’ll pick a winner on Saturday using and the winner posted either Saturday or Sunday. I’ll be at a band performance all day Saturday with Cassidy so it will most likely be Sunday.

So good luck! I wish I could give free nail polish to EVERYBODY! Now go pick your colors! Let me just temp you with these awesome beauties I got two weeks ago:

Zoya Sunshine collection

To an adolescent, there is nothing in the world more embarrassing than a parent.

Okay, I know that I’ve said about 100 times before that I’m not going to post here anymore about Cassidy because she’s getting older, her friends are all on facebook and can easily find their way back to my site and I’d NEVER want to be the reason she gets shit from her friends. 12 year olds are assholes, dude

Buy living with a tween girl is an experience all it’s own. I think in my list of things I’d love to experience again it would fit snugly between colitis and that time I accidentally cut my hand off with the lawn mower. That last one only happened in a dream but still, NEVER WANT IT TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

Right now we are in the “special time”. The time when a girl becomes a woman. And then the next day declares she’s over dolls, hates the world and PS can I have money for a ticket to the dance where there will be BOYS. And possible HAND HOLDING. School dances are a gateway drug to teenage pregnancy, I’m convinced.

I hate to brag but I totally made a really cute tween.

It took me probably 2 years to warm up to the fact that Cassidy liked boys. I lived in a little denial bubble that Ben promptly burst when I came home one day and he was all, “So Cassidy had a boyfriend but she broke up with him because she saw him holding hands with another girl.”

Exactly two thoughts ran through my head:

1) BOYFRIEND!? Holding hands!

Full of tuna.

Ben suggested that maybe I was over reacting a little when I mentioned systematically eliminating every tween boy in a 50 mile radius. And even when I agreed not to do that and instead just said maybe we could inject a GPS tracking devise into her neck one night when she’s asleep. I don’t really understand why that’s illegal. If I have to be responsible for paying a fine if she doesn’t go to school, I should be allowed to MAKE SURE SHE’S AT SCHOOL.

GPS your tween. There should be an app for that.

Anyway, this is all just leading to me saying that I’m going to be posting more here about parenthood. It’s hard to have all this stuff going on and not being able to use my favorite rant outlet and I think that since most of my friends are parents of babies or toddlers, I’m kind of your test case. Learn from all the things I’ve done WRONG before you.

And parents, enjoy those sleepless nights and potty training and sore nipples now because YOU DO NOT EVEN HAVE ANY IDEA THE HALF OF IT.

Motivation. Time to BRING IT.

Last year I made a BIG change in my life. I started working out regularly and eating better (not perfect, I just made better choices and practiced portion control) and I lost 45 pounds. And I LOVED it.

And I looked like this:

THIS is what California girls wear. I can't believe how cool it is in AUGUST!

And I had arms like this:


And calves like this:


And then I suddenly got lazy and complacent again and gained like 30 pounds back.


It didn’t all come piling back on and I for quite a long time managed to maintain the loss but in about the last 3 months, my weight just steadily crept UP AND UP AND UP!

And it’s time to fix it. About three weeks ago I started slowly incorporating workouts back in to my daily routine about three times a week. I didn’t feel like I was QUITE ready yet to just go gung ho all in.

Then for the first time last night I felt disappointed that I DIDN’T get a workout in. I didn’t sleep as well last night, I felt kind of “off” all day today, I couldn’t concentrate completely and I kept thinking that I’d REALLY wished I’d gotten a workout in. I couldn’t WAIT to get home and bust out the Legs and Back.

Then about 30 minutes before I left work Ben and I kind of got into it. Not a fight, we were both just annoyed with each other and I’m premenstrual so probably over reacted and I got home and was like JUST FUCK IT. I’M NOT WORKING OUT! WHY BOTHER! I HATE EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD EVEN KITTENS! ESPECIALLY KITTENS! AND BUTTERFLIES! FUCK BUTTERFLIES!

So after taking Cassidy to a friend’s to spend the night, and drinking a Shakeology, I sat down on the couch to pout and HATE THE WORLD. Then I opened YouTube and decided to just watch a few of my “motivation” videos. By about the third one I was feeling a bit better then I watched Tekoa’s video and that was all it took, I was going to press play.

And I did. And it was good. And it will probably hurt to THINK about moving my legs tomorrow. And my glutes are ALREADY sore. It hurts to sit. It hurts SO GOOD.

Anyway, this is just a post to say, I AM BACK. I’m not even close to those pictures up there but I’m pretty pleasantly surprised at how quickly my arm tone is coming back. Like, they are solid when I flex. SOLID. And covered in a layer of fat.

But give me three months. Pressing play 5-6 days a week, making those same smart food choices and I’ll be back.

Three months.

Time to BRING IT.

Zoya Sunshine Collection. LOVE IT!

Zoya has had a few REALLY great online deals lately. The first one was three free polishes so having never purchased Zoya before, I got three and have not looked back since then.

Then they had the Go Green sale for St. Patrick’s Day. 3 polishes for $5.00 so I got those and LOVED ALL THREE. I got a ton of compliments on my nails that week.

They are without a doubt the BEST polish I’ve used in a LONG time. The color payoff is amazing, two coats is all I’ve needed in most cases, they last REALLY well on my nails which are generally weak and chip SO EASY but not with Zoya!

Two weeks ago they had a BOGO sale so I got 6 polishes for the price of 3, plus they had $2.00 shipping so it was about $20 for all 6 polishes! I ordered the entire Sunshine collection and they came in the mail today and they are SO CUTE! I can’t wait to try them all out.

Zoya Sunshine collection

LOVE the Sunshine collection from Zoya.  LOVE!

*This is NOT a paid post. 100% my idea, my opinions and I paid for all the products. I just wanted to share because I have been so impressed with them and all my girlfriends should know.