In which I want to punch every HGTV host who’s ever said “You can do it, it’s so easy!” right in the face.

Okay so I’m going to TL;DR this weekend now and finish the full recap which I actually started a week ago. Yes, for this weekend. It’s a story, because NOTHING we do can every be done WITHOUT a story.

It started with Ben waking me up 8 days ago with a HAREBRAINED IDEA, in the middle somewhere there was about 10 minutes when I thought we’d be stuck in our bedroom FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES and then ends with me covered in paint and READY FOR BED.

We started with this:


And ended with this:


The journey along the way was… terrific.

Somewhere in all this terrificness we accidentally bought this too:


It’s pretty awesome and will go in the living room to get rid of the horrid gold pool table lamp the previous owners had. We don’t have a pool table and I REALLY HATE gold fixtures and after 2.5 years I will not be sad to see it go. At all. It’s been ruining perfectly good pictures for TOO LONG.


It will be here in a week and because it has to be installed in the middle of the ceiling TWO FLOORS UP, we are going to pay our badass (and cheap) handy man to install it. We don’t have a ladder that goes that high and honestly, if we take eight days and 75,398 cuss words to install ONE DOOR, we really have no business being that far off the ground. With electricity.


7 thoughts on “In which I want to punch every HGTV host who’s ever said “You can do it, it’s so easy!” right in the face.

  1. Love the ceiling fan. Love the idea of not being on a latter….with electricity. And HGTV people lie, we can’t always do it. Unless we want it to look like a 5 year old had craft time on our walls.

  2. The door looks good, but I’m suspicious of the close up shot. Is it actually mounted? Is it even in your house? I AM FULL OF SUSPICIOUS!

    That fan is going to look SO much better. Why did the previous owners choose such ugly lighting? Blech!

    1. The people before us had a pool table in there! The downstairs technically has two “living room” areas and we are like, not fancy people that need two living rooms so one of them just has a desk and junk in it. We’ve been debating for 2.5 years what to do with that second room. The people before us chose to use the second room as the living room and had this room set up as a pool room.

      Here is a picture from the ad posted to the website when the house was for sale:

  3. Well the second living room by the kitchen is like, a Den. And it’s where Ben should be, watching his games with his hand in his pants

    or something. by a burning fire?

  4. Hey Anna,

    Isn’t it like HGTV to do something in half and hour that really takes two days? I do not allow Cherie to watch (and if you believe that I’ve got a bridge in London to sell you) because she kept coming up with HGTV inspired projects that “only take a little while, it will be easy!” You should probably be watching FoodTV instead!

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