Sunday morning conversation.

Me: Looks like things aren’t getting any better in Egypt.
Ben: You should get on that.
Me: I should get on fixing Egypt?
Ben: Yes!
Me: *nod*

I wish I could say conversations like this weren’t the norm around here. 😉

Also, we think the hot water heater is dying. It’s only making a small amount of hot water at a time and the life on them is between 10-15 years. Our house is 12 years old. I’m really NOT looking forward to my shower in a minute because I’m going to have to be FAST and COLD. I like showers so hot I come out with bring pink skin, not BLUE.

And to finish off this little ray of blogging sunshine, I’m pretty sure I have a pinched nerve in my upper back between my shoulder blades. If I look up, left of right I have an intense shooting pain. It’s good and bad.

Bad: Pain.
Good: Getting to be lazy and not move at all.
Good: How It’s Made marathon on TV!
Bad: Ben is about to show me how blunt instruments are made. By hitting me on the head with one. Dude just doesn’t appreciate HOW THINGS ARE MADE! I mean who WOULDN’T want to know how metal toothpaste tubes are made!?
Good: Vicodin induced sleep.
Bad: Vicodin. I HATE that groggy pain killer feeling.

It’s a little better today than yesterday and I’m REALLY hoping that by tomorrow I’m well enough to not be miserable at work all day because calling in sick right now is not an option. Mama’s gotta bring home the bacon!

Wow, that sounded cheesy. I better stop now before things get really out of hand!

Happy Sunday, friends. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sunday morning conversation.

  1. 1) Feel better soon.
    2) The hot water tank dying is WHAT YOU GET for talking about Ben finding work in anything louder than a whisper. THE HOUSE HEARD YOU. It was all “Oh, there’s money coming in again? IT’S MINE.” Basically, houses are super greedy and don’t like you to have any money in your account. Win the lottery and it will fall on a bus full of nuns from a litigation-happy convent. Seriously. Houses are dicks like that.

  2. Whatever Ben, I learned how to make hockey gloves, snack cakes, retreaded tires and treat waste water in a half hour. How else can you do that BUT How It’s Made? It only makes sense to watch like ten hours of it so you can learn to make EVERYTHING! Maybe even a water heater.

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