There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

For as long as I’ve know Ben he’s wanted dogs. But we started out living in an apartment, then rented a house with a tiny back yard, then moved to Gilroy in a house with a tiny back yard, half of which was a pond. Then we got rid of the pond. Then a quarter mile from our house they built a big dog park. Then I didn’t really have a good excuse to NOT get a dog anymore. See, I’ve always been a cat person. I LIKED dogs, they just weren’t the pet for me. I knew how much Ben wanted a dog though so I agreeded to go LOOK ONLY at some dogs at the Salinas Animal Shelter.

And that was the end of that.


Because then Ben made me go and fall in love with this fool.


And while we thought he was cute as hell, that’s about the time that Hans decided we were complete assholes

Fuck you all.

I don’t know what his big problem was. How could you not love that face.

BFFs already.

Even all the dogs at that awesome new dog park loved him. I can’t believe when I look at this that he was as small as Max once! Max is so tiny!

Kumo and Jack

We started taking him to puppy training classes and we learned SO MUCH. He’s a great dog today because our teacher Amy was FABULOUS! She told us that Kumo was the best dog EVER and even though she probably tells ALL the parents that we are pretty sure in our case that it was true.

Amy and Kumo

One time I gave him a bull’s penis to chew on. Ben was not amused. It took a long time for him to stop giving me dirty looks.

That's a bull's wiener...

We started spending a LOT of time at the dog park making amazing friends… and playing in the water dish.

Water Dog.

Kumo spent a lot of time keeping Ben warm during winter naps which is a dog’s greatest job in life.

And then my heart exploded from The Cute.

He also spent a lot of time trying to figure out why the hell I always had a camera shoved in his face. How could you NOT with that face!?

Whatcha' doin?

I discovered that he makes an excellent scarf model.

Noro striped scarf

And Cassidy, who spent years being scared of dogs after an unfortunate bite incident, opened up her heart and fell in love with him too.


Kumo has become a VERY proficient ball catcher and chaser and hoarder. He loves the ball. THE BALL IS KING.


And then something crazy happened. One day, out of the blue, this thing showed up at our house.

And so it begins.

And although he still tries to act like he doesn’t care, he totally does. Because who else are you going to torture with and endless game of keep away with a stick than a younger sister?


I discovered that Kumo is also an excellent Christmas decoration.

What about dogs?

And I think he’s pretty cool because he never gets tired of my camera STILL being shoved in his adorable face.


Because it’s a pretty adorable face.

Dog Park: 02/13/2010

Although, he’d still MUCH rather be doing this than posing for me.


I was pretty sure when we brought this home, he was going to write us a two page letter, pack his bags and hit the road.

I think I'll sit RIGHT HERE!

As it turns out, Kumo decided we could keep her. He likes to lick her head like an ice cream cone. An ice cream cone with claws.

They were asleep this way. <3

Today, our puppy, our baby, our emo boy turned two years old. And although I NEVER intended to fall in love with this fool because he was supposed to be BEN’S DOG, I have. I am utterly and completely and hopelessly in love with him.

Happy Birthday, Kumo. We love you.

014/365 - Happy Birthday, Kumo.

<3, Mom, Dad, Danica, Hans, KC & Samus

12 thoughts on “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

  1. I am not a dog person myself following an unfortunate close-to-biting incident and fur allergy.

    However, I do love the photo of the dog splashing water onto itself.

  2. Hi is a best friend. I love him more than I ever thought I could love a dog. I feel guilty when danica looks at me when I’m giving him loves…with that ‘but…but… what about meeeeee?’ look…

    1. You make it sound like Danica doesn’t get any love!

      Trust me, she’s every bit as spoiled as he is! She’s just not as NEEDY as Kumo is.

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