Whatta day!

Whatta day. I’m going to write this and then I’m going to pass out.

6:30AM – Leave house, drive from Gilroy to Mountain View for Ben’s orthopedist appointment at 7:45AM. Doctor is pretty damn certain that Ben has another torn meniscus in his right knee.
8:10AM – Drive from Mountain View back to Gilroy to get Ben home.
9:00AM – Leave Gilroy to drive to work.
-Get to 101/85 interchange when Ben calls. They have expedited his MRI, it’s going to be either today or tomorrow. Tell him I’m going to still head to work, call me if things change.
-Get to 85/Almaden, phone starts to ring, immediately know they’ve scheduled for today, start to pull onto offramp. Ben starts converasation with, “Don’t hate me.”
-Get off freeway, turn around, head home. Appointment is at 12:30.
10:15AM – Arrive back home.
11:30AM – Head back to Mountain View for MRI.
1:30PM – Head to Santa Clara to pick up VPN keyfob for Ben to access work network from home and eat. STARVING.
3:15PM – Arrive home.
3:25PM – Head to Walgreens. Ben is not allowed to have aspirin, only acetaminophen. We have 78 bottles of Aspirin in the house and no Tylenol.
3:35PM – Home, blog, NAP.

Total freeways: 3
Total miles: 240

It was a long day. Ben has surgery scheduled for Monday at 2:00PM. This is both good (it’s not the tendon we thought was going to take 6-8 MONTHS to heal) and bad (SURGERY!). This is his third knee surgery, second on this knee, plus the back surgery last year. I kind of feel like we are pro’s at this point.

I’m bummed my poor hubby has to go through that painful recovery time again but I’m really happy this is all happening so quickly. Surgery will happen 8 days after the initial injury which is MUCH less than with the first two he had.

So that was my day. Tomorrow I’m driving 100 miles round trip to work, then 226 miles round trip to drop Cassidy off with her dad. This weekend can not come soon enough!

OH! And my Project 365 shot for the day! I take pictures of this Dale Chihuly glass every time go to Palo Alto Medical Foundation. I love it.

006/365 - I take pictures of this Dale Chihuly glass every time we are here.  I love it.

4 thoughts on “Whatta day!

  1. I hope Ben has a speedy recovery.

    Also, that is TOO. MUCH. DRIVING. I don’t even really like driving. I think I would go nuts if I had to drive 100s of miles per day on a daily basis. I much prefer the “sit in tube and read” sort of commute, even if all of the other tube commuters give me viruses.

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