Project 365 (2011): 002/365

I know I just posted earlier but I just wanted to get this out there real quick. I’ve decided to attempt AND COMPLETE Project 365 this year. In years past I’ve had a lot of fun doing 365 Days but those are all self-portraits and man, it can get kind of tedious taking pictures of yourself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. so the farthest I ever got was day 168.

Project 365 can be any subject so there are so many more places for inspiration. I’m sure a lot of my shots will be iPhone4 shots but I do plan on busting out the DLSR some days too. I’m hoping this will get my creative juices flowing a little.

As many days as I can find the time I’ll include my shots here and write about them a bit. No promises. I may do a month end recap of all the pictures, or one a week, or one a day, just, you know, as often as I’m not being a lazyass. Don’t expect them every day though because I excel at lazyassness.

This is day 002/365.

002/365 - Technology rules. He used the Amazon app to scan the barcode of the rice cooker to compare prices and read reviews before we bought it.

It was about 20 minutes before I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT because I opened my purse at the check out line at Costco to discover that my wallet was missing.

Me: FUCK! My wallet is gone.
Ben: What?
Ben: What are you TALKING about?
Ben: Honey..
Me: WHAT!?
Ben: Isn’t that it in your hand?
Me: Fuck.
Ben: You… are CRAZY today.

Then about two hours later I was walking around the house gathering up all the Christmas decorations and piling them up on the table when suddenly right behind me the dogs started to get in a fight. We aren’t really sure exactly what happened and they have NEVER even gotten CLOSE to getting this agressive with each other before. It startled both Ben and I and we both yelled HEY! in unison and both the dogs immediately stopped and started to submissively cower. We THINK it might have been because Danica has been REALLY into the laser pointer we got the kitten for Christmas and when she and the cat chase it, Kumo chases Danica (and the kitten) and Danica has been getting a little frustrated with him chasing her. We’ve decided to stop with the laser pointer for a bit but it kinda freaked us both out to say the least. They’ve always played a bit rough but NEVER gotten to the level they got to today.

Anyway, Ben immediately grabbed Danica while I grabbed Kumo and when Ben bent down something in his knee became somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be and he fell to the ground in pain. He said that it felt like the knee dislocated, twisted to the side, something snapped or tore, then it relocated itself.


We were at Urgent Care about an hour after that and he had an X-ray, was given a sort of knee brace, new crutches (he used mine to get there that are for people as tall as 5’6″ and he is 6’2″!) and told to see his orthopedic doctor ASAP. He’s had surgery on both knees before and he’s worried that something in there went really wrong. 🙁 I have my fingers crossed that he just injured it slightly and it’s going to need time to heal.

Now he’s got his knee propped up with ice on it and he’s fallen asleep on the cough. Poor guy has been on Benadryl since he had an allergic reaction to something New Year’s eve and has been itching all over his body. My poor honey just can’t catch a break!

AND that was my day. Well that and lots of cleaning because somebody dropped a dirty bomb on my house. Christmas and New Year’s are fun but GOOD LORD the amount of trash, recycling and clutter they create is fucking insane. And the kitchen! With all the baking and the eating and the baking and the chocolate! DISASTER!

In closing: I WANT A DO OVER. Monday better be better to me, it’s been warned.

Pee. Ess. – The dogs have been fine since then. We crated them for a bit then got them back together and I encouraged them to start playing and they have been swell since. Playing tug of war, biting legs, sniffing butts and other typical behavoir without an issue but we are going to keep a close eye on Danica since I think it was her being a typical annoyed female that started the issue today.

3 thoughts on “Project 365 (2011): 002/365

  1. Okay, I’ve totally done the wallet thing. And it’s sad because my wallet is fairly big. (Not its contents, mind you. Just the wallet itself.)

    I hope Ben is okay. 🙁 It really does seem like the poor guy can’t catch a break! I hope he is healthy and whole soon!!!

  2. I’m doing the 365 thing too! I just set up a flickr feed that points to my 365 set on my sidebar rather than posting them in posts. Good thing Ben took off all that weight – it will be much easier on his knee for healing 🙂

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