Typical Thursday Night.

Ben asks me what I’m knitting (a pink striped scarf) and I can see in his eyes that he’s very much NOT in love with my awesome pink scarf and he looks down at his laptop (and I assume facebook) and a few seconds later says:

Ben: How do you spell fuchsia?
Me: A-S-S-H-O-L-E And also it’s not FUCHSIA, it’s HOT PINK.
Ben: *searches google for fuchsia and holds up screen*
Ben: Hold it up to the screen!
Me: *holds it up* SEE! NOT FUCHSIA!
Ben: Looks close enough to me.
Me: *holds up label for yarn* Do you see what that says? HOT PINK!
Ben: I can’t see that far.
Me: I hate you.
Ben: I love you too.

Scarf project.

12 thoughts on “Typical Thursday Night.

  1. Isn’t it cute! I bought a similar scarf from Old Navy on sale for like $3.00 but it’s really thin and I want something warmer for in our office in the winter because it gets COLD and after searching all over the web I was like DUH! You can knit, fool! 😉

  2. LOL! I think it’s pink, but I usually just stick to the primary colors. I wish I can knit beyond the basics. I tried once and I made a long scarf because I didn’t know how to end. lol! Fail.

  3. Oh, I am familiar with that argument. Also the “I am going to sit in my man chair and sulk because you yarn crap is taking up too much space on the couch” argument.

  4. Yay, another knitter! I love the pink stripes. Did you carry your strands up alongside the work or did you weave them in before taking the photo?

  5. @Sara – I didn’t carry the yarn here, I’ve been weaving in the ends as I go. With two colors I will generally do a drop stitch to carry them up but I wanted to just have ONE skein to deal with at a time this time.

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