Back in the day..

When I was growing up I spent every summer in Pennsylvania with family. I loved it. When I look back on my life some of my most happy times were those summers spent running in the woods and hanging out with my cousins. The most awesome thing was that we didn’t just stay there. From Pennsylvania we’d go to Florida, Ohio, Maine and my most favorite trip every year was to spend two week at the beach in North Carolina.

East Coast beaches are SO fabulous. The sand is smoother than on the West Coast, the water is ABSOLUTELY warmer, and best of all: SNOW CRABS! I could spend hours and hours chasing snow crabs. They aren’t as awesome as pregnant cows, but they are right there at the top of the list!

One year instead of North Carolina we stayed in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. We didn’t have a site like to help us in planning but we stull had a great time. In North Carolina, the place we stayed at was pretty remote and out of the way so there wasn’t much to do but go to the beach and that was not the case at all in Myrtle Beach. My uncle got to enjoy golf packages Myrtle Beach, while my aunts enjoyed the shopping and the kids enjoyed the movies and kids activities at all the local places there.

Now that I’m thinking about it, my grandma would make these extensive photo albums of all our trips every year and I’ve been meaning to get them scanned and uploaded to flickr. There is an awesome picture of me on the beach with a broken arm. I’m almost neck deep in water except my cast that I’m trying my darnedest to keep out of the water. NOTHING was going to keep 4th grade me from getting into the ocean! 😉

If you are looking into a vacation in Myrtle Beach, check out for sure. It’s one of those placed that will leave a Forever Memory!

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