And so it begins.

When we went from REALLY RICH (we never actually were but looking back now IT FELT THAT WAY) to a one income family we had to start deciding what expenses we needed to cut down on. Weigh out our wants verses needs. Subscriptions to World of Warcraft went right away while things like internet service stayed. As we became a little more stressed for money we started to trim down even more like downgrading our Netflix movie to 1 at a time instead of 3. The one thing that I haven’t even CONSIDERED letting go of though, is my web hosting.

I have managed hosting for all of our sites for almost six years now. My site, Cassidy’s, Ben’s and even at one time our very popular BMW forum. It’s just one of those things that I could never let go of. I even considered starting to do some colocation and offering up web hosting at one time but I just didn’t have time time to get ANOTHER site started to list out services and set up a ticketing system. Plus, web hosting is SO CHEAP these days and the prices are so competitive there was really no way that I could have competed with some of the better sites out there.

ALTHOUGH! I do actually still kick the idea around every now and then. But my brain works that way. I have a BIG IDEA till something shiny catches my eye and then I’m on to the next and one day I’ll be sitting down to do something or spacing out and I’m like OH YEAH! THAT BIG IDEA THAT I WAS GOING TO…

Ohhhh, look at the glitter!

Really though, it’s an excellent way to bring in some money, especially for those stay at home mom types. As long as you can get in with a reliable host after you have a few clients set up you basically get to sit back and just collect monthly fees without much hassle.

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