In which I declare the rest of us Gods.

On the way into work this morning the DJs were talking about John Mayer’s recent switch from twitter to tumblr. John made a post on his tumblr talking about how much better it was than twitter because it’s conversational structure is better:

I love reading other Tumblr users replies, because they’re thoughtful by virtue of the fact that if they’re not, they’ll bring the intellectual property value of their own blog down, and that’s a commodity on Tumblr.

Now, John actually has a point here. I can imagine for somebody like him the sheer amount of @replies you get can be OVERWHELMING. And especially for douchebags like John Mayer it’s got to get a little old checking your @replies and having to hear about what a tool you are. But you know, I guess that twitter just likes to keep it real and John Mayer IS A TOOL.

Now, I read this post he made about twitter and how he was over it when he first posted it and just rolled my eyes because it was just more of John Mayer being the self-important ass that he is. Reading that post it was clear that he never used twitter for what it was meant to be used for. It never asked “How my I help you in further inflating your ego today, John?”

The thing that really bugged me this morning was how the DJs didn’t know what tumblr was and thus dubbed John “technologically advanced” for being “ahead of the social networking game” and I’m sorry but, WHAT THE FUCK?

John Mayor showed up on twitter THREE YEARS AFTER IT LAUNCHED. Long after the day of the FailWhale, and COLOR WARS (TEAM #FF1CAE FOR LIFE) and wouldn’t know what to do with twitter if it didn’t have search and trending topics. Do you remember that? Being able to search tweets was BIG NEWS for us geeks when it was introduced!

He joined twitter after it became popular and “the place to be” on the web and only after other “A Listers” started getting media attention because of it. And probably only because his publicist was tired of having to listen to his elitist bullshit every day and wanted to give him some other outlet to have his cock ego stroked while also injecting him into the cool new trend. Reading his tweets and blogs make my brain swell. I’m pretty sure he pays somebody to follow him around with a thesaurus. BIG WORDY PRETENTIOUS POSTS! HE HAS THEM!

And now he’s joined tumblr. Well great! WELCOME TO 2007! Dude is SO AHEAD OF THE GAME!

I joined twitter December 30th, 2006.
John joined twitter January 30th, 2009.

I joined tumblr in late 2007.
John first posted to tumblr November 12th, 2009.

If John Mayer is technologically advanced because in the last year he’s started to utilize software that’s FOUR YEARS OLD then most of my online friends are technological fucking savants. No, GODS!


Which isn’t saying a lot.

Because it’s John Mayer.

13 thoughts on “In which I declare the rest of us Gods.

  1. I would just like to second the fact that you are definitely way cooler than John. In fact, I think you were always the first to mention some new site — like Twitter. (Of course, you’re also one of the most technology-obsessed people I know, online and off.)

    (Funny thing, I joined Twitter almost exactly one year before John… Jan 31, 2008, haha. I resisted at first but, well, yeah.)

    Next thing you know, he’ll be praising the joys of LiveJournal, haha.

  2. I think a lot of celebrities like him (and even non-A listers) think they’re uber cool and trendy technologically advanced for using social media. Like normal people haven’t been using it for months or even years before them. As though sites like Twitter were NOTHING before they came on the scene.

    His move to Tumblr just proves how self obsessed celebrities can be. Come on, you join Twitter to get noticed and mini blog about your unique quirkiness, then after you start getting 12 bagillion @replies from people professing their love to you, you move on to the next thing? Where even MORE people can stroke your ego?

    He is a tool.

  3. Well, his big problem wasn’t the @replies telling him that he was awesome, but the overwhelming about of them he got telling him he was an ass. So instead of having to deal with that he moved to a site where he thinks that the hate remarks will be lessened because it works on a system more like the “like” feature on Facebook. There is no “dislike”.

    I think all he’s going to find is a lot less people who respond EITHER WAY. Tumblr is cool, but it’s disorganized and difficult to get the hang of. The reason people follow him on twitter is because it’s so damn simple to figure out. That won’t be the case for tumblr.

  4. So I finally created a tumblr account and have been playing around with it. I like the idea but you’re right — it’s not as simple as Twitter.

    It’s amusing that he’s so concerned about his haters. I mean, at the end of the day, who’s raking in the dough and banging hot celebrities? Seriously. Not everyone is going to love you so just accept it and rock on.

    (Even though I hate his music as well as his douchebaggery.)

  5. HA! I forgot about the search feature being such a huge deal! I had to delete my original account due to um, my bitchy tweets falling into the wrong hands.

  6. interestingly enough it was a D-list (?) celebrity that turned me to Friendster back in 2003.. which lagged so badly when he was showing us “how cool” it was, I wasn’t even interested.. a few months later I joined MySpace… and you already know how SO NEVER INTERESTED in Twitter I am — thank goodness for Facebook Page feeds to Twitter 😉

  7. PS — I’m a visual creature, I think that’s why twitter makes my eyes cross and my distraction vulnerability go off the charts. When Facebook became public, I had a hard time making that transition too, because it was so WORDY. They’ve improved the layout over the past 18 months, but I’m concerned they’re flirting with the wrong direction.

  8. It still is wordy! The thing I like about facebook is that it’s actually laid out pretty well. People complain it’s hard to navigate and I don’t get that. But I think twitter is easy too because you never have to leave your own page.

    Tumblr needs to get that memo. It’s a freaking mess.

    You want to see a design mess? Go to our local news site:

    It makes my brain hurt.

  9. LOL cause John Mayer is a douche.

    I haven’t personally used Tumblr but sometimes follow links to it. I’m not sure I understand it, even as a visitor. But I don’t need an option between micro-blogging and full on blogging. That’s a bit too much for my tastes. d=

  10. I love the theme that you’ve designed for your website 🙂 It’s so pretty. Now for a comment related to the post: I beat John Mayer to Tumblr. I like Tumblr for the “like” & “reblog” option that it has available but due to the sheer amount of people that I follow, I don’t know how much longer I can keep up with Tumblr. I also like that it’s visual; 140 words for me is too short.

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