Introducing: Bean

So now that the first week is over and I feel like I have some distance between our rocky start, I’m ready to introduce the newest member of our family:

I call her bean because that’s what she reminds me of. And she is SO A FEMALE. Within a day of owning her I had to replace her battery. Then after I got that fixed she had some moisture leak into her cylinders (a known issue) and we had to take her back to the dealership for some TLC.

BUT! Now she’s great. I didn’t realize till after we had gotten her that she was a fully loaded model. Smart key (YAY for not having to pull the keys out of the bottemless vortex of my purse to unlock, start or lock the car), premium audio, six disk changer, navigation, side curtain airbags, Bluetooth, you name it, the car has it.

It’s not as fast as the M3, or as pretty as the M3, or as fun to drive as the M3… but the M3 got 23 miles per gallon (I drive 100 miles a day) and this little bean has been averaging 42 miles per gallon on my work commute. Instead of using 5 gallons of gas to get to work, I’m only using 2! And instead of buying premium gas, I’m buying regular. Every time I put gas in the car my heart sings a happy song.

But the ultimate selling point for me comes from these:

Those little yellow gems are carpool lane access stickers. AND. THEY. FUCKING. ROCK.

In NorCal, carpool lanes work a little differently than they do in SoCal. The carpool lane only requires 2 or more people between 5:00AM-9:00AM and 3:00PM-6:00PM. All other times they are open to everybody. BUT! With these stickers I can ride the lane all the way to work and back and so far, it’s cut 15 minutes off my normally 45-60 minute morning commute and another 15 off my 40-50 minute afternoon commute. That’s 20-30 less minutes in the car a day. 2.5 hours a WEEK! 10 hours a month!



I have to admit there have been a few times I’ve seen a sports car out there and felt a twinge of regret but then I hit that Fuel Consumption button and again, HEART SONG! Six months ago if you told me that I’d be driving a Prius, and LOVING IT, I’d have laughed in your face. But now, I look back at myself from six month ago and want to yell STOP WASTING THAT MONEY, IDIOT!


5 thoughts on “Introducing: Bean

  1. Buying regular instead of premium — that’s definitely a major sticking point for me for my next car. Some of our more gearhead friends keep suggesting sportier cars, like the GTO of course, haha. But I’m putting my foot down. The V6 Mustang vert I want to get isn’t as fuel efficient as other cars but my drive to work is relatively short and I rarely ever drive elsewhere. I’m just tired of filling up for $3+ a gallon, ugh.

  2. Congrats on the new car! I’m jealous…I need a new car so badly lol. With the baby on its way we won’t have room in my tiny little coupe!

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