Hang on lady, we going for a ride!

You know that scene in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom where Mola Ram rips out that guy’s heart and it catches on fire but the guy keeps breathing and, you know, FREAKING THE FUCK OUT?

Yeah, I have a feeling that poor guy was slightly better off than I was when Cassidy told me today that she’s ready to control her own blog already SERIOUSLY MOM. She’s been wanting to for awhile and I kept making up excuses why NO YOU CAN NOT but she’s 11 now and calls me on my bullshit excuses. THE NERVE!

The comment is what really killed me.



I just don’t think the internet, or my heart, is ready for all this.

8 thoughts on “Hang on lady, we going for a ride!

  1. This is a slightly biased view, as her grandfather, however, the statement, “Because I’m your mother and I know best” is a valid statement. When the she comes back at you, which she will be cause she is 11 and has no other choice (hormones being what they are), the rest of the answer “When you are over 18 and paying your own way in the world you can make your own rules, and that is all I have to say on this subject.” completes the argument.

    Like it or not, the Internet does include the same scum that infects the rest of society. I’m quite certain that an 11 year old does not possess the maturity to make all of the judgments that present themselves with unlimited freedom.

    That said, it is good to let her express herself without censor, things like design and content, what comes from inside your house. It merits close monitoring of comments and participants, what comes from outside your house.

    But this is only my opinion!

  2. And Ben and I both completely agree! It was more of “I want to write my OWN blogs” than, I want complete control. She has access to write blogs only. I have admin access over the comments that get approved, what she’s actually allowed to post, etc.

    We’ve been pretty clear about her Internet use since she’s been wanting to get online more. Her computer is downstairs where we can monitor her and I have the password to her email, facebook, etc. All of her emails get auto-forwarded to my inbox and I log onto her facebook at least a few times a week to see what’s going on there.

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