In 10 minutes or less.

Kumo: NOM!
And so it begins. (by antigone78)

Danica: Oh yeah?!
You wanna start with me?! (by antigone78)

Danica: I’ll bit your tail!
I'll bite your tail! (by antigone78)

Kumo: I’ll bite your face!
YEAH?!  I'LL BITE YOUR FACE! (by antigone78)

You're going DOWN. (by antigone78)

And you're going to FLY! (by antigone78)

Danica: Wait, what time is it? Isn’t it naptime?
Kumo: We woke up 15 minutes ago.
Danica: We’re 5 minutes late for naptime!
Kumo: *already snoring*
To be continued: AFTER NAPTIME (by antigone78)

7 thoughts on “In 10 minutes or less.

  1. I’m growing concerned. The count of pictures of the dogs is growing faster than the count of pictures of human family members!

  2. hehehe That’s because Cassidy is too busy with important things now like bowling with friends to pose for pictures and Ben is shrinking so fast that sometimes it’s hard to find him even when he’s standing right in front of me! 😉

  3. So cute! Now imagine the same scenario but with a husky/retriever mix and a mini dachshund. It’s about a 40 pound difference…and amazingly the doxie wins LOL

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