6th grade

Cassidy started 6th grade today. SIXTH. GRADE. I started taking a picture of her on the 1st day of school a few years ago but last year I think was the first year I got one up onto flickr. I can’t believe how much change has happened in that one year.

It’s so amazing to see her growing into this little woman. Forming her own opinions. Making friends and telling them secrets I’ll never know. I’m starting to realize for the first time that I’m less “driver” now and more “passenger”. It’s awesome and scary at the same time and I just feel so lucky that I get to be a part of the ride.

1st day of 6th grade

4 thoughts on “6th grade

  1. Oh wow! She’s a beautiful girl. It’s times like this that make me so excited about being a mom (eventually!) and watching my kids grow up and experience life. My little brothers are 13 years younger then I am and they are starting 5th grade and it’s amazing how fast they have grown up but also a bit sad. Heh.

  2. how do they group up so fast? …an unlimited supply of parental patience, and a willingness from the parents to be a guiding light, even when the kids don’t want to hear it. Speed is definitely a relative thing. I suspect to Anna, she’ll always be this little tiny baby, but to me, she’s always been an adult in kids clothing, but ready to be shaped and molded (as long as we’re willing to put the time in).

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