Recently. In a list.

The last two weeks in numbers:

0: Number of days I was at work the week before last.

Ben’s knee surgery didn’t go as well as the previous surgery and has taken quite a bit longer that expected to heal. I took 1 scheduled day and ended up having to take 5 more sick days. Poor guy was a trooper.

1: The number of people in my house that are currently employed.edfa

Ben got laid off last Monday. It was something we had been talking about, there had already been some layoffs and the company wasn’t doing well so there was always that chance hanging over our head. He got a fair severance and is covered under my health insurance so… yeah. He’s been amazingly positive about it because he is an AMAZING MAN.

2: The number of time in almost three weeks I’ve put makeup on.

Seriously. I feel bad for the people in public that had to see me. Sick as hell and tired as all get out. I bet it was hawt.

3.5: The number of days I was at work last week.

I had to pick up Ben on Monday when he got “the news” and then I was worried about him being at home alone. Also, I was fighting off the last of the WORST FLU IN THE HISTORY OF ALL THE WORLD™.

4: The number of meals I’ve cooked at home in the last week.

That’s 4 more than I’ve cooked in the previous.. month. Eating out is our biggest expense and with one income, it makes more sense to eat at home. Also, I’ve rediscovered how much I really love to cook.

5: The number of days Cassidy has left of 5th grade.

She’ll be in JUNIOR HIGH next year. She wants the Alice Cullen haircut. She went to a class about periods including a detailed video of how babies are made two weeks ago.

6: The number of time the dog woke me up from a nap by sticking his 5 inch tongue down my throat.

VIA MY MOUTH. *shudder*

7: The number of complete TV series I’ve downloaded.

So far I’ve watched all of seasons 1 and 2 of Gossip Girl, around 40 episodes. Then I watched True Blood, 12 episodes. Now I’m working on Bones. Currently I’m at work and season 01 episode 15 is playing on the iPhone.

8: The number of bananas my family goes through in two days.

Seriously, what the hell?!

9: The number of time I wanted to throw one or both cats against the wall.

HARD. They are still pissed off about the dog. They sleep in the bedroom all night and then as soon as we get into bed start walking all over us. All night long.

All. Fucking. NIGHT. LONG.

10: The number of times that I thought, “Man I should blog.” Then turned on an episode of Gossip Girl instead.

I’d apologize but it would be a lie.