Reason #8,395: I love Ben.
Reason #7,666: I love Matt and want to adopt him as my official little brother.
Reason #5,387,798,477,265: Ben is going to eventually snap and kill my official adopted little brother, Matt.
Alternate title: Best video EVER!
Background: 5:00AM in the morning on a Friday. Ben stayed the night at Matt’s so they could leave for the mountain to go skiing first thing in the morning. Ben is not a morning person. Matt is insane.

5 thoughts on “Reasons.

  1. Haha this video is funny!! It’s like he KNOWS he’ll be tired and cranky and therefore it’s VERY FUNNY to wind him up haha!!

  2. aaaaahahahaha! I’m usually not a morning person, but if I have something exciting to do… then I’m fine as long as I can get a shower to wake me up completely.

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