In which I use bullets to distract you from the fact that I haven’t posted in a month.

People Updates:

  • I have a very small hairline fracture on my ankle. That in itself isn’t painful. The severe sprain has me still limping around in a brace over a week later. I wish there was some awesome story or explanation how I was doing something REALLY COOL and REALLY FUN and REALLY NEAT but there isn’t. I fell getting out of the truck. In front of people. Who just watched me fall, severely sprain my ankle, and fracture it a little, and then they all turned around and walked away. THE END!
  • Cassidy is totally turning into a TWEEN. There are a lot of things I looked forward to when I became a mom… first steps, first words, first day of school, it was going to be all fun and smiles and swings and cartwheels. Then she turned 10 and was all HA HA JOKES ON YOU, SUCKER! There’s too much to post about this under the scope of a single bullet. THE END!
  • KC the cat and Hans are complete and total lazy asses. Hans spent ALL DAY SATURDAY on our bed asleep. KC hasn’t moved off the same couch cushion in two days. THE END!
  • Ben is the most patient, understanding, ball of fantastic ever to grace the face of our fine planet. And also, falling asleep next to his warm body is the highlight of my day. THE END!

House Updates:

  • We ordered blinds from Home Depot. Yes, I own Home Depot a letter of apology. Six blinds to go on the upper windows all over the top of the living room. We also paid for installation because ladders, heavy awkward wooden blinds, and blond don’t mix. I’m really excited for them to get here and be installed. They will help a lot with the sunlight that you can’t escape in the afternoons and also keep the heat out some in the summer.
  • We also have a quote from a landscaper to come in and fix some sprinklers and clean out the pond, install a new pump and get it all up and running again.
  • We’ve been slowly cleaning out the yards. Trimming bushes, mowing lawns, cutting down trees, this list is really endless so I’ll just stop there. It’s looking good and will only be getting better as the weekends pass!

Misc Updates:

  • I forgot to mention the severe hives attack I had for about two weeks. It sucked. I went an ENTIRE WEEK with ZERO wheat, the hives went away, I laid in the bed in a fetal position and cried. I’ve very slowly started introducing some back into my diet, but not much. MUCH less than I was eating before. Being allergic to wheat is about a fun as having your teeth knocked out one at a time. With a jackhammer.
  • I have become slightly obsessed with YouTube. Specifically, makeup guru videos. I have a few favorites and I have a blog post half written to point you to some of the best ones. Also, I finally broke my six month No Makeup Buying Binge and got a few things. I also have a blog post partly written about that because I’ve found some AMAZING stuff for AMAZING deals and I want to share.
  • If I were a teenage girl, I’d totally have a poster of Adam Lambert on my wall. Best Idol by far this season. He makes it seem as if singing is just… effortless. TEAM ADAM!
  • If you haven’t yet, check out Castle. Nathan Fillion is so awesome. I’ve had a nerd crush on him since I fell in love with Serenity and Firefly and he’s every bit as awesome in Castle.
  • Heather Armstrong is going to be in Mountain View tomorrow and I’ve been trying to fit her book signing into my schedule but it’s so late and 40 miles from home where I’ll be then. It’s only 12 miles from work but I’d have to find something to do for five hours before the signing. DILEMMA!
  • I need to charge the DSLR batteries. For serious.
  • THE END!


Reason #8,395: I love Ben.
Reason #7,666: I love Matt and want to adopt him as my official little brother.
Reason #5,387,798,477,265: Ben is going to eventually snap and kill my official adopted little brother, Matt.
Alternate title: Best video EVER!
Background: 5:00AM in the morning on a Friday. Ben stayed the night at Matt’s so they could leave for the mountain to go skiing first thing in the morning. Ben is not a morning person. Matt is insane.

In my mind and in my car, we can’t rewind we’ve gone to far.

So, I got a Flip Mino HD for Christmas/Valentines Day/our Anniversary. *shakes fist at mortgage payment* So far I’ve just been filming silly little things here and there. Cassidy at dinner the other night, a rainbow on the commute home yesterday, etc.

The eventual plan is to start getting more into the vlogging thing because it’s fun, I like the “face to face”-ness of it more than reading and because it’s something new to learn. Mostly for that last reason. I need challenge, having to learn things, exploring new applications, completely fucking things up so that I end up cussing at the screen then crying then eating a quart of ice cream and then starting all over again. It’s a cycle that my thighs hate but my brain loves. Actually, so far my brain really hates Adobe After Effects but it’s really loving Premier Pro so I guess somewhere along the way it evens out.

Anyway, I sat down the other day to start REALLY trying to figure AE out and I at least got a really VERY VERY simple little title sequence done. I added it to the beginning and end of this video of the rainbow I mentioned before.

I clearly have a LONG way to go in the eye candy department and I’m not really sure what realm of vlogging I’m going to get into. I don’t have the energy or patience for a daily show type of thing, but I do have a strong narcissistic urge to make you all have to look at me when I’m talking to you so I’ll just leave it at that and see where things take me.